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To add a nostalgic feel to your next big event, consider renting a cotton candy machine. Cotton candy is a favorite treat for kids of all ages and brings colorful fun to the party. Expect the cotton candy maker to be a party favorite that is a focal point for kids and adults alike.

Best Uses for Cotton Candy Machines

A cotton candy machine is a great deal of fun for any party. It is suitable to use indoors or out, as long as you have enough space to keep the machine away from walls and the crowd. Just a few extra feet around each side is enough. The machines are small enough that they can be used indoors or in a garage, but also work great outdoors in the backyard or at an event.

Some examples of private functions that will be more festive and lively with a rental are birthday parties - especially for kids - graduation parties, or family reunions. With the ease of rental and manageable weight of these machines, it’s easy to bring the favorite treat from the local county fair to your next function.

Renting a cotton candy machine can also be a very wise fundraising idea. With a daily or weekend rental, you can turn this wonderful treat into a grand money maker at an event for your cause, be it a community group, church event, or benefit function. Contributors will be happy to donate when they get a great treat in return.

Where to Rent a Candy Machine?

There are a hundreds of places to rent a candy floss machine from some of the following options include:

  • Local Party Hire Equipment Stores  - where they will let you rent bouncy castles, hot dog stands, snow cone machines, they will also have plenty of candy floss makers for you to hire for your even too.
  • Online Candy Floss Rental Sites  - with a quick search you should be able to find a website in your state or county that can provide you with just what you are looking.
  • Yellow Pages and Catalogs - there should be hundreds of business that let out sort of entertainment gear in your local area, just give them a quick call and see what they have in stock for you to book for the party.

How Cotton Candy Making Works

The fluffy cotton-candy that is produced from these specialized machines emerges through a unique process that transforms the sugar, which is the essentially the only ingredient used. The machine heats up the sugar to the point that it turns to liquid, which is then spun until it exits through small holes in the form of sugar threads that can be caught with a paper cone or wooden dowel.

That sounds scientific, but the process is very simple. In fact, with very little practice anyone can make professional looking candy cones, making this a suitable activity for a novice or when you want to rotate the duties among several people. It is also easy to set up in as little as 5-10 minutes. As long as at least one responsible attendant stays near the machine when it is in use, it is a safe and fast way to produce goodies for an event.

You can expect to produce 1-3 servings of this fluffy treat per minute once you get the knack of it. The machine will take care of the work. All you have to do is be ready with the next cone to catch the threads of pink or blue sugar as they solidify into the finished product.

Other Things You Need

Cotton Candy Machine HireCredit: Morguefile.comCotton candy machines use a standard outlet, so as long as you have electricity nearby they are easy to run. For events in a far-off park space or where power is not handy, a portable generator can be used to run the machine.

The base of the machines are heavy enough to make breezy days no problem, but you will want a sturdy table or base to set them on. Some machine styles include a base, but table-top varieties are more common, and it is much more comfortable to stand next to a sturdy table with extra work space.

To make the candy, you will need special cotton candy floss sugar that will include the color and flavors desired, or a mixer for ordinary household sugar so that you can make your own. When you use your own sugar, pure cane granulated sugar is usually best. You can expect one-half gallon of floss sugar to produce 60-70 cotton candy cones, so plan accordingly. Review the manufacturer’s expected servings per container to be sure. By shopping around, you can find several other colors and flavors of sugar to use as well.

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To catch the candy, either paper cones or wooden dowels may be used. The paper cones are sometimes easier when catching the sugar but they are not reusable, so they create trash. Wooden dowels are a great choice if you hope to capture, wash, and reuse them for another occasion.

Some machine rentals come with a bubble shield that sits on the top of the machine for added safety, while some don’t. If not, this is something to consider, especially if the machine will be used in a tight space.

Delicious Treats for Parties and Events

Cotton candy will be a hit at your next event, and the whole family loves it. It’s like having a carnival in your own backyard or private event. Cotton candy rental machines are high quality and produce the classic cotton candy flavor and texture that everyone expects. If you want to ramp up the fun, or raise funds with a method that contributors really enjoy, a cotton candy machine rental is a great idea.