You probably remember the days when you want to local festival as a kid and went on all the rides and saw all the games booths. There was music filling the air, clowns making balloon animals, and the merry-go-round. But the number one thing that most kids and adults remember most from the fair is cotton candy.

Cotton candy has been one of America's most magical desserts and is treasured in a special corner of every kid's heart. The simple, fluffy, pink nature of cotton candy is simply unmatched by any treat. What other treat can be picked up in little wisps and then placed on the tongue to simply melt away in a sugar rush? The answer: none. While cotton candy is locked away in the heart of many adults, just about everyone has had the fantasy of owning a cotton candy machine. But why just keep it as a fantasy when you get one for a great deal online right now?

Cotton candy makers can be purchased for any occasion for any reason (heck you don't even need a reason to get one). Cotton candy machines are useful for just about anything including entertaining guests, giving your kids an easy treat, or for a good snack while watching a late night movie. If you have a family game night, cotton candy can make the perfect couple to the board game fun.

If you participate in an organization like PTA or other large communities, you can also make a little bit of money from your cotton candy maker. When ideas get bounced around for a small organization sponsored carnival or festival, offer to provide the cotton candy. You can either charge the group to "rent' the machine, or make money by selling cotton candy to kids or adults at the carnival. The money making potential is endless with your cotton candy maker.

So, whether you want to a cotton candy maker for your children to enjoy, to keep around for money making potential, or to keep as a personal gift for yourself, you can find cheap cotton candy makers just about everywhere. Many local retailers, like Sam's Club, have cotton candy makers that you can buy, or you can also go online to retailers and resellers like Amazon or Ebay. Buying your cotton candy maker used can save you bunch of money and can get you much better unit for the same price that lower quality models run. You can also save lots of money by looking at local listings provided by Yahoo, Craiglist, or your newspaper.