Cotton t-shirts and Denim Jeans - Cotton Prices Rise

Cotton prices rise

Cotton t-shirts and Denim Jeans - Buy now before cotton prices rise

Buy cotton t-shirts - cotton prices rise

The latest news on the soon to skyrocket prices of cotton is causing a stir within the fashion, apparel and textiles industries and consumers are being encouraged to purchase any cotton T-shirts or cotton jeans soon before the new year is upon us in order to save money and avoid the higher cotton prices.

According to CNN Money News, cotton in the raw state is up to 90 cents per pound up from the typical prices of 40 cents to 50 cents per pound and will cause a major shortage throughout the Asian manufacturers that create the bulk of the world's cotton clothing.

Part of the problem with the cost of cotton prices is due to this year's drought in China, the world's largest producer of cotton textiles, which damaged the bulk of their crop, the floods that occurred in Pakistan that also damaged the cotton crop and the export restrictions happening in India, the world's second largest producer of cotton.

Cotton prices will climb not only due to the costs of raw materials but, also with added labor costs and it will be the consumer that ends up paying more for these highly popular clothing items. The largest retailers will have a difficult decision to make in deciding to raise prices on cotton products when the economy hasn't fully recovered yet.

If you will need cotton shirts for dress or work or any vacation coming up, consider purchasing these over the holidays to avoid additional price increases.

Cotton shorts and skirts will also be affected by the rise in cotton prices so that should be taken into consideration if you may be in need of any of these items after the Christmas holiday. Buy all cotton clothing or even cotton yarn for crafting needs now.

Cotton t-Shirts

Buy Cotton yard

Shop around now for the best prices on all cotton t-shirts and stock up before the New Year arrives as most experts claim the prices will be rising after the Christmas holiday.

Search all clothing stores online for the easiest way to comparison shop while searching for free shipping and possibly multiple purchase discounts. Many online websites offer wholesale tee shirts on plain, colored cotton t-shirts if bulk purchases are made. To take advantage of this deal, ask other family members if they would like to purchase cotton t-shirts with you and you'll both save more money this way.

One example of a cotton t-shirt website is and they list and carry cotton t-shirts for as low as $1.49 each. They carry most popular t-shirt brands of Hanes, Jerzees, Gildan and Fruit of the Loom in soft cotton, heavy weight or blended cotton to suit most everyone's preference.

Consider stocking up on cotton T-shirts if you are a crafter and have the talent to create your own designs on shirts. This could be a great time to save money on one of the most popular garments made and sold.

Denim Jeans

buy denim jeans - cotton prices rise

Since denim jeans are another of the most popular clothing item if not the most popular clothing item sold all year long and especially during the holidays, stock up on all your favorite brands and styles before January just in case the cotton price increase actually takes place.

Many of the major retailers may not increase their jeans pricing although they may have little choice depending on their final costs.

The best option is to shop early and shop around at the stores that carry jeans as well as online shopping for easy comparing.

Look for Made in USA denim jeans or denim shorts that would not be affected by the droughts, floods or the export restrictions that are causing the cotton pricing to rise.

Some of the more popular brands of denim jeans that are Made in USA include 'Jean' brand, 'Diamond Gusset', 'All American Clothing', 'Truck', 'Longhorn Jeans', 'Texas Jeans', 'Buddy's Jeans' and 'Certified Jean'. These denim jean companies not only are made in USA but, use denim from the USA as well which reduces the pricing dramatically and range from $30 - $60 on average. Also search for organic cotton Made in USA with online sites while cotton prices will still be the most reasonable.

Online stock market investors will also want to take advantage of cotton prices now and reap the rewards soon as cotton prices rise.

Shop early and compare prices online to find the best deals and free shipping on all cotton t-shirts, cotton shirts, cotton shorts, cotton skirts and denim jeans as well as any cotton yarn for crafting for yourself, for gifts and stock up on a few extra pieces now if you are able. The prices of cotton are sure to be raised on all men's, women's and children's clothing and passed on to the consumer in the coming months and will no doubt continue until manufacturers can increase their own cotton stock.