Simply put, sure they could. Will it happen? Who knows. San Diego's football team started off the season with a shaky record of two wins and three losses in the first six weeks. They then went on to pull off an impressive five-win streak, win five of which was against the Denver Bronco's last Sunday.

But, as Chargers fans know (whether they like to talk about it or not), their team has had plenty of winning streaks in the past and they mean nothing unless they can continue into the playoff season, which more often than not, they haven't. The Chargers have never won a Super Bowl, and the one and only time when they had a shot at the big game was in 1995 against the San Francisco 49ers. What could possibly make this season any different?

Well, for one thing, the San Diego Chargers have an easy six weeks ahead of them, six weeks where they can continue to build on their strengths and prepare for a playoff season that is sure to test their momentum. But before skipping ahead, it's worth reviewing what the Chargers have done right thus far, and for that, a look at last Sunday's game is in order.

The Denver Game

The Denver Broncos were in top shape when they faced the Chargers in San Diego in week 6. The Broncos huddled close to the San Diego sidelines, pointing at their opponents in a clear attempt to provoke them. And it worked. Verbal fighting ensued and even the coaches jumped in. Denver seemed cocksure and strong and they won a solid game.

Fast forward to week 11 and you get quite a different picture. San Diego was rebounding from their shaky start very impressively. The Bronco's taunts didn't work this time. Chargers players kept their heads in the game, playing pragmatically and doing what they do best. Their running game was back. They powered through 43 attempts for a total of 203 yards on the ground. Their defense was rock-solid, forcing three Denver turnovers. Quarterback Philip Rivers stood out by completing 17 out of 22 passes for a total of 145 yards. All in all, San Diego performed like the team they were expected to be all along.

What's Ahead

The only two teams left in the next six weeks that pose a threat to the San Diego Chargers team are Dallas and Cincinnati, whom the Chargers will be facing in weeks 14 and 15 respectively. Fans can draw hope from the fact that, under Nerv Turner, the Charges have never lost a game in December. The important thing now is to stay consistent and not let the pressure get to them. As Rivers put it, "It's not Week 17 of the season so we can't relax. We have to keep going strong because we can still keep getting better."