To find the best bakery in Luang Prabang look no further than Joma Bakery Cafe.  Located on the main street in the old town, just past the post office and the southern end of the Luang Prabang Night Market, Joma is a veritable paradise of delicious baked goods and fresh coffee.

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Our first experience with Joma was in Luang Prabang; however I was delighted to learn that the bakery and café also has a branch in Vientiane, Laos and Hanoi, Vietnam.  Even after a relatively stress free travel morning travelling from Hanoi to Luang Prabang, we were famished by the time we had arrived and grabbed a guesthouse. As fate would have it, our guesthouse was just up the street from Joma.

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It was love at first sight. As we stepped into an oasis of air-conditioned comfort, we were enticed by comfy seats, the delicious-looking treats on display in the glass cabinets and the calm and peaceful atmosphere.


After a month on the road, we were craving some of the comforts of a good bakery - whole grain bread, salads you can trust, baked goods made with butter! In fact, I’m getting a little hungry just writing this.


The menu at Joma surpassed our expectations with a great range of food including pizza, Coffee and cake at Joma Bakery CafeCredit: sandwiches made to order, bagels and rolls, salads and desserts, hot and iced coffees, smoothies and juices.


The staff was friendly, greeting us with a friendly welcome "sai bai dee" as soon as we stepped into the building. Thankfully, the menu was in English and the staff spoke excellent English so we didn’t feel too intimidated to order – as is often the case in a completely new country.


The efficient staff promptly delivered the food to our table when it was ready, with complimentary ice-cold, safe drinking water - always a nice touch in the soaring heat of Southeast Asia.


A great thing about Joma is its range of seating options. Spread over two levels, the bakery café offers a choice of comfy, traditional or al fresco seating. And with perhaps the fastest and most dependable WIFI in Luang Prabang, it’s always filled with laptop-wielding expats and tourists.

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Although Joma is slightly pricy compared to the local noodle-and-rice stalls, it’s worth a stop when you’re craving some Western-style baked bread and cakes. It's not meant to be the most Laotian thing in the world - it's a bakery cafe!  


A visit to Joma should be on anyone's list of things to do in Luang Prabang, a city with many delights, including perhaps also the best bar on the planet – Utopia.