Count Your Sheep


It's funny, cute, sweet, heart-wrenching, emotional and...did I tell you it's cute?!


The comic is just too, wait, that's not a bad thing!

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-Count Your Sheep-

Count Your Sheep is an online comic run by Adrian Ramos, and follows young Katie and her adventures with her mom Laurie and their imaginary friend Ship (who is a sheep, of course).


Ramos has been running the successful comic since June 2003, when we were introduced to an adorable little girl who couldn't sleep; step in Ship the Sheep for her to count (she got to "one" by the way). Since then CYS has become one of the sweetest, funniest and heart-wrenching comics that you could ever have the fortune of finding (and I've had the great fortune of following it for four years now!).


Katie. Despite her youth, Katie brims with intelligence, attitude and personality that you will instantly fall in love with. She's politically minded, opinionated, and knows her own mind!

Laurie. Laurie is the single mother of young Katie, full of anxieties and depression since the loss of Katie's father. She tries her best at keeping Katie in line, but let's face it, no one could keep Katie in line.

Ship. Ship is the heart of the comics; he adds a loving sense of rationale, humour and logic. The fact that he's meant to be imaginary never seems relevant, as he helps both of his girls deal with life, love, heartache and boredom.


Generally, CYS takes place in the home of Laurie and Katie, and not necessarily at night.


The strips are always funny, and never dull. They will always spark some sort of emotion out of you. It's nice and refreshing to find a comic that remains full of so much energy, and has remained fresh for as long as CYS has.


The clever use of colour (blue for the present, and purple for the past) works so well at adding a nice sense of unique charm to the strip, and the artwork is so nicely done that it makes you envious. The cuteness, of course, is what sold this comic to me, and I'm sure it won't feel to draw you in either. Ramos' artwork has become much cleaner and sharper, and it's evident, not just in the artwork, but in the scripting and jokes too, that Ramos has a great deal of raw talent that is becoming so rare.

-Fan base-

Ramos has built himself a rather adoring fan base (how many of us would ask if anyone wanted to donate to his wedding, and actually get it?!)

In Closing

Ramos is one of those hidden talents, that so many more should be introduced to.

He also runs two other comics; No Room for Magic (running since September 01, 2005) and The Wisdom of Moo (running since November 10, 2008).