If space is at a premium and you need to freeze food and snacks, then consider portable counter top freezers. 

This small but efficient freezer will keep up to 46 pounds of food, snacks and drinks frozen just the same as a larger style freezer would, making this a great choice for the dorm, the office or that tiny kitchen space.

It runs using 1.4 amp of power, making it possible to use a regular electrical outlet.  This unit measures approximately 21 x 21 x 21 making it perfect for a portable stand or the counter top if you have the room.

Many small apartments may provide the small fridge and it may or may not have a freezer section.  Many that do have a tiny one that could hold a tray of ice cubes at the most.  So, if you only need a freezer for one or two people and there just is not the space for a larger freezer or the need for that kind of space, then consider this portable freezer.

This particular Haier model also has a reversible door and recessed handle,  so that you can change which side it opens at, making it convenient for your space.Counter Top FreezersCredit: Amazon

If you had all but given up the idea of having a carton of ice cream in your home, office, dorm or small space, then something like this would work well.  The shelves are adjustable to make room for the larger container of ice cream and other snacks that require freezing.   You could have that package of Popsicles or Freezes in the summer ready and handy.

Haier HUM013EA 1-2/7-Cubic-Foot Compact Space-Saver Upright Freezer

If you have a student going away to school this year, then you can check the policies in the dorm for having small appliances.  Many will let you have a small microwave, small fridge and toaster oven.  Adding a countertop freezer would be the finishing touches.  This way they can cook an entire meal and also be able to store those frozen pizzas, snacks and other food items ready for cooking or microwaving.

These also make great additions to the office or a shop to house frozen snacks.  If you simply want to be able to keep on hand small frozen snacks and maybe that tub of ice cream, then getting a large freezer is a waste of electricity and wasted space.

Those small refrigerators and portable fridges barely can hold an ice cube tray, so one of these smaller portable freezers would be the perfect “in between” size.

It runs very quietly and has an adjustable temperature control so that you can keep those frozen pizzas and other snacks at just the right temperature. 

You can get these at many large appliance stores, but also many electronic stores are selling the compact appliances too.  But one great place to check is online at sites such as Amazon.  You can get a much larger assortment to choose from and can compare prices.

So, if you would love to store some frozen snacks and that tub of ice cream, then consider getting a counter top freezer that does not take up much room and can house those frozen snacks for you!