If you are tired of holding up the bills one by one against the light to check for security features, you should get the counterfeit detector pen to help you detect fake currencies.

With the development in technology, counterfeiters are getting smarter in their ways of replicating genuine bills. Some of their productions are so real that an average person on the street is unable to tell the difference. How many times have you ended up with a fake bill on your hands only to know that it is not real when you try and deposit it in the bank? Clearly it is not the fault of the possessor as they might have gotten it from somewhere else. What more if you are a small business? Your cashiers are simply not going to check every single note against the light to check for fraud. Think about how much money you are losing out on due to fake notes. Remember, the government or bank does not compensate your loss due to your carelessness of not checking the money first.

Luckily, there is a product to help you combat this problem. The counterfeit detector pen allows you to detect fraudulent bills instantaneously. This tool here provides you with an easy and cheap method to check their money without having to buy expensive UV light detectors.

How does the Counterfeit Detector Pen Work?

The counterfeit detector pen contains a special iodine-based ink that helps you identify fraudulent bills. Use it on the notes that you receive and if it is a fake, there will be a black stain. If however there is no discoloration, this means that they are real. This is because genuine banknotes are printed on cotton-fibred paper which does not react with the solution. What counterfeiters usually do is that they print notes on standard printer paper or photocopier paper and pass them off as real notes. These types of paper contain a substance which reacts with the ink from the counterfeit detector pen, producing a visible mark for you to see. The marks will go off after a couple of hours.

These pens are easy to use and require no training, unlike UV light detectors. Your cashier simply has to mark the banknote with the counterfeit detector pen and look at the results. It's as easy as that!

That Sounds Good! Tell Me Where to Buy a Counterfeit Detector Pen!

You can get a good counterfeit detector pen online. Places like Amazon.com offer a wide range of selection for you to choose from. Dri-Mark is one of the popular brands to look out for if you are thinking of buying a counterfeit detector pen. Prices range from a few dollars to around 10 dollars depending on the brand and quality. Buying in bulks of 10 will often save you money and you might even be eligible for free shipping.

You can also get a counterfeit detector pen in your local office supplies store. Have your pick, depending on which is more convenient for you. However, you might be able to save more time and money by buying online.

Think of this as a small investment for yourself or your business. These few dollars that you spend could potentially save you hundreds in the long run. One counterfeit detector pen could be used to detect up to a few thousand banknotes.