counterfeit money detector

A Look at Different Types of Counterfeit Money Detectors

Includes Counterfeit Money Pens, Markers, Machines and Other Devices

Have you ever wanted a counterfeit money detector?  To be honest, I didn't even know these products existed for the general public.  I assumed only high ranking government officials had access to this type of technology.  It turns out that one can buy a counterfeit money detector pretty easily.  I admit that I've never used one, but am interested enough to see what types of products are available to review.

Counterfeit Money Detector Review - Pens and Markers
The most common counterfeit money detector looks like a pen or a Sharpie.  The way these usually work is you make a mark on the bill and if the mark turns a certain color, then it's considered ok, but if it turns a dark brown or black color, it's considered counterfeit.  The actual colors used vary based on the specific counterfeit money detector that you're using.  

Dri-Mark Smart Money Counterfeit Bill Detector Pen for Use with U.S. Currency, Black/Dark Brown

*Make a small mark on a U.S. bill, using this counterfeit money detector pen
*If the mark is an Amber color, then it passes the test and the bill is legit
*If the mark turns dark brown or black, then the bill is considered suspect
*This counterfeit money detector works on all new design U.S. currency as of 1959
*Shaped like a regular pen
*Currently sells for $3.99 on

Sharpie Counterfeit Detector Markers
*The technology in this counterfeit money detector reacts to the presence of a key ingredient present in papers that are not used by the US Treasury
*Effective on all U.S. currency new design bills
*Simply make a mark on the bill; the ink will change from golden brown to blue/black on a counterfeit bill
*A mark on an authentic bill will not produce a color change
*Package of 3 markers is currently under $8 on

These counterfeit money detectors can be tested pretty easily by making a mark on a dollar bill, and alsoby  making a mark on a regular sheet of paper.  You'll be able to tell pretty quickly if it works or not.  This can come in handy for those who have garage sales or sell items online, just to name a few.  Also, since they're pretty inexpensive, you can buy more counterfeit bill detector pens or markers if necessary.

Counterfeit Money Detector Machine Review
Another type of counterfeit money detector are machines that can count large amounts of bills for you.  The general idea is you place the bill(s) in the machine, and they will count the bills for you, as well as detect any counterfeit bills.  Counterfeit bills are detected by using magnetic and ultra-violet counterfeit detection technologies.  This type of counterfeit money detector is a little more expensive than a counterfeit money pen.  They're used more often when counting a large number of bills, since that would take a very long time if you're manually going through each one with a counterfeit money pen.

Carnation Bill Counter CR180
*Uses magnetic and UV counterfeit detection
*Ergonomic Design
*Counting speed of 1,000 notes per minute
*Comes with a 1 year warranty
*Average review of 4.5 out of 5 stars on

Royal Sovereign 4-Way Counterfeit Detector

*Uses Ultraviolet and magnetic counterfeit detection
*Detects fake bills and ID cards
*Easily portable because of its lightweight design

This type of counterfeit money detection would be more useful for those who run small businesses and need to count more than just individual bills.  These counterfeit machines can count your bills, as well as detect any counterfeit bills.  It definitely would save a lot of time, rather than doing it by hand or using a counterfeit bill pen.

Review of Other Counterfeit Money Detector Devices
Another common counterfeit money detector is a small device that you can hang around your neck, wrist, or simply put in your pocket.  These are more portable counterfeit money detectors that you can take with you anywhere.  They work by scanning the bills using UV and magnetic detection technology, which will then alert you if a bill is considered counterfeit.

PM Company Mini Counterfeit Bill Detector
*Uses UV and magnetic detection technology
*For use on US dollars 1996 and newer
*UV security markings show up as vertical fluorescent threads, while MG detectors to verify recognition of expected magnet areas.
*Comes with a wristband and 4 batteries