Have you ever been a victim to fake currency? Get yourself a counterfeit money detector to solve this issue. Many shop owners face this problem of receiving fake notes from customers. You have to realize that most people do not intentionally give fake notes out. It is because they are completely unaware that they possess it. Nowadays, it is hard to differentiate real notes from fakes with the naked eye. Only people who have the time and attention to minute detail would be able to scrutinize the bill to tell if it's genuine. But think about it. Would you do the same? Would your workers do so? There has to be an easier way to detect these fakes. Counterfeiters are getting smarter in their ways of creating fraudulent banknotes. A good counterfeit money detector will come in handy in this situation. There are two main choices for you to choose from which are the counterfeit money detector pen and the UV machine.

Counterfeit Money Detector Pen

The counterfeit money detector pen offers a cheap way to identify illegal banknotes. These pens have a special ink which can help you tell the difference. All one needs to do is to use it to mark the bills and look at the mark it leaves. A black mark means that the bill is a fake while a clear or pastel mark means that it is genuine. This method certainly beats looking at the individual bills against the light.

You can easily keep one by your cash register and mark the bills when you receive them. Of course it may seem like a lot of work to test them one by one, so what you can do is to test all the higher denomination ones and occasionally test the rest. This way, you can reduce the hold at the counter line while maintaining a high probability of receiving a genuine banknote.

UV Light Counterfeit Money Detector

This type of counterfeit money detector is generally more expensive and requires a power source for it to operate. It uses ultraviolet detection to detect fake bills. As you may know, each bill is created with unique security features to prevent counterfeiting. Color change ink is used when producing the banknotes and security strips are embedded in it. Most of the notes also feature a watermark which can only be seen when held under the light.

These security features often show themselves under ultraviolet light. Using the UV counterfeit money detector, you need to place your bills under this light and check for the security features. A handy tip is to test it out with genuine notes so that you are familiar with the things to look for and then use it to check those that you receive.

Where to Buy a Counterfeit Money Detector

Buying a counterfeit money detector is not hard with the help of the internet. A good place to start searching is on Amazon.com. They boast a wide selection for you to choose from. Simple search for 'counterfeit money detector' under the 'office products and supplies' category and you can have your pick. You will find that the pens are a cheaper option to purchase compared to the UV ones. However, with pens, the ink will run out and you would have to replace them sooner. On the other hand, the ultraviolet machines will certainly last you a longer time.

You may think that buying a counterfeit money detector is a waste. But think about the future savings that you will get. You wouldn't have to face the situation where the bank confiscates your $50 dollar note just because it is illegal. Prevention is always better especially when it comes to cash.