Country bathrooms are full of character. They will give your house personality even if it's just a condo. It might even remind you of home. Here are a few tips for how to create a country style bathroom on a budget but still make a big impact.

Play up any historical elements in your room. This might be the trim or a claw foot bathtub. You probably bought your house for these elements so why not showcase them? Start off with architectural elements as your overall theme instead of going with a more predictable design.

Make newer items look old. You could frame out your mirror with barn wood or add character to your walls with bead board paneling. In home decorating magazines country bathrooms often have wood floors but this may just not be practical for your lifestyle and bathrooms in general. You can always bring in worn wood tones on the vanity.

Know when to go neutral. This is one of the great challenges in country style decorating. You need it to stay pretty neutral because bathroom remodels are one of the most expensive out there. However, you still want to get your theme across. Combat this by adding character but keeping certain items neutral. You might want to just price out what the most expensive items in a bathroom are and keep those pretty basic so you or the future home owners can work with them later on. Your tile can just be stone or a bright white instead of going with a pattern that could be dated easily. This will also keep the room feeling cheerful and fresh.

You might not be able to afford your dream bathroom so bring innovation into play. You may only be able to afford vinyl self stick tiles. Make them look country just by changing up the colors you use. You can go with a black and white checkerboard pattern but either use small or large tiles to change up the traditional look. You can also create a pink and white or blue and white pattern if you are going to replace the flooring in a few years. These types of tiles aren't always recommended for a bathroom because they won't hold up well to steam so use them in a powder room instead.

Make it elegant. Country style decor often gets looked down on. A lot of this has to do with the way that it is accessorized and that there is just too much "stuff" for more modern tastes. You can even use a chandelier in a country bathroom if you really want to bring in sophistication.

Country bathroom designs don't have to be kitschy. You can still focus on nature without putting a pinecone border on your walls. Instead, let lots of sunlight in the room and use nature inspired colors on the walls.