Country Christmas decorating ideas can remind you of home or childhood holidays with your family. Even if you have a modern style you might want to switch things up and decorate in a more rustic style for the holidays. This will make your home feel warm and welcoming and you can hide all the decorations away again after New Years Eve.

Get a Handmade Feel

Country Christmas ideas should center on homemade items, or at least items that look homemade. You can add in your childhood ornaments along with pieces that your kids made. If you're worried about the look seeming haphazard then just keep all of the ornaments in the same color palette. A country color palette uses the traditional colors of red and green but you can go for a more faded look. You can even bring in touches of dusty brown and pair it with a sage green and worn red. Skip expensive garlands and ribbons on the Christmas tree. Instead, go for raffia bows and rusty stars. You can create a quilted theme for unique country Christmas decorating ideas. Wrap scraps of fabric around oversized Styrofoam balls to make ornaments. Insert a twine loop into the top to act as the hanger. You can paint a Styrofoam wreath with a holiday color and then swag fabric streamers around it for an inexpensive Christmas wreath. Continue the quilted theme by adding quilted accents to homemade stockings. Stick with rustic motifs like stars and trees. You can still sew handmade items even if you aren't a seamstress. With country crafts the more imperfect the stitch the more character the items has.

Country Christmas cards bring a taste of home to your friends and family. If you are making the card yourself you can bring out all of your craft supplies and scrap booking papers. Frame out a snowman with a button border or paper quilt frame. You can create the quilting effect by gluing a patchwork of different papers next to each other. Making a more sophisticated country Christmas card is easy and inexpensive just head outside with your camera. Take pictures of snow drifts, kids sledding, woolen mittens or an old barn. You can create several different Christmas cards to really explore your creativity and give all your friend's unique season's greetings.

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More Country Christmas Decorating Ideas

Use Rustic Texture

Country Christmas decorating can be elegant. Instead of focusing on knick knacks stick with natural elements. You may even want to slipcover your furniture and add new throw pillows for a more neutral color palette. This will streamline your room so more simplistic decorations will make a big impact. This style works best in rooms that already have country elements in them such as wood beams, pine floors and stone fireplaces. You can change up the color palette by getting rid of the red altogether and going with a more subtle green and ivory color palette. Look for bird ornaments to place on the tree and decorate the mantle with oversized pine boughs and faux lilies.

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Try Yarn Elements

Country Christmas wreaths let your guests know that they are in for a country Christmas as soon as they arrive at your door. You can start out with a faux evergreen wreath and then hit the dollar store. The dollar store often has small wood ornaments and signs that are perfect for the country style. You can wire stuffed snowman into the middle of the wreath to act as the focal point. For a more elegant take on the country look go back to nature. Get a live evergreen wreath and accent it with pine cones and fruit. You can top it off with a checked ribbon or find a scrap of cow print fabric to add a fun element to your wreath. For a country take on a traditional Christmas tree look for several skinnier trees. This will take up less space but also give your room an unusual flair.

Spruce up items that are traditionally used in country design for the holidays. This could be as simple as putting wreaths around the tops of fence posts or adding lights around a wheelbarrow. You can even make outdoor Christmas decorations by cutting old fence posts into tree shapes and placing them in the yard. Give rusted buckets new life by painting a Santa Clause, star or snowman on the front. Keep the finish worn; you can always take sandpaper to your artwork to make it look older.

Keep Adding in Decor

A country Christmas home is over the top, no minimalist approach here. You can create rustic Christmas villages from wood cut outs. Include all of your favorite traditions from years past to get the entire family involved. You can make your own stockings or stamp craft paper with country stars to use as wrapping paper under the tree. Country Christmas decorating ideas combine the home and holidays for a Christmas that you'll remember for generations.

You don't even need ornaments to decorate a country tree, just head outside to the backyard and make a visit to the craft store. You can wire hundreds of pinecones onto the tree or make a garland out of pinecones. Then add in faux eggs, nests and birds from the craft store; stick with robins if you want a traditional red color palette. Create bows from raffia for a feminine touch. You can also dry fruit or use faux fruit. Hang apples and popcorn on a tree or try dried orange slices for color and fragrance. You can also add a metallic element by finding all the odds and ends around your house that look antique. This could be old keys, door hinges or even small car parts. Tie them with a ribbon and hang them on the tree for a one of a kind Christmas ornament.

Country Christmas decorating is about collections. You can hang a series of wreaths on an old door to create a focal point. You can tie stockings to the back of chairs for party favors for your guests. You should create vignettes throughout your home so your guests always have something to look at. Instead of a traditional tree skirt, make a small picket fence that runs around the perimeter of your Christmas tree. You can even put a Christmas village inside of the fence.

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