Country Life Facebook Game


A fun entertaining game that allows you to be creative with the decorating and look of the farm.
Friends can visit the farm.
New items and upgrades are introduced on a regular basis
Gifts from friends will assist you in making money for machinery


It can become a way to spend too much time online
It is a bit more involved than some of the other online applications

Full Review

There are many Facebook applications available for games and many of them are similar. Many have the plow, plant and harvest aspect to them. Some applications even have you planting row after row of fresh veggies on deserted islands.

There is one application that provides a more hands on and realistic approach. Country Life is a simulation type of game on the social platform Facebook, the difference is in the game play. Once you plant your crops and have them harvested , instead of just going directly to the market with your product, you have to make a decision.

Decisions Decisions

Do you want to hold onto some of that clover you just harvested in order to feed it to the cow since this will allow the cow to make milk? Once you have the ability to make milk, do you want to hold onto that milk to turn it into cheese. These are the types of decisions that need to be made all through the game. The decisions that you make will help you as you level and will add to the enjoyment of the game.

Decisions while Leveling

At different levels you will learn new techniques and have more opportunities become available for you. These level changes will speed you along and keep the game from becoming boring for you. Since you have to save up quite a bit of money for some of the equipment and tools that will allow for the creation of a more rare item. Holding onto your money in order to buy a beehive will mean the difference between selling the honey to the market and being able to make jam later when you are at level 20. The game creators have structured all of the levels to allow for time to make these important decisions and still make money for the special purchases. Some of the expensive purchases will be the jam machine, the cheese machine and an irrigation method. Even with the more expensive purchases they typically have the ability to make even more money for you in the long run.


A well running farm will want a nice home and a decorative yard. These items are available and will increase the value of your farm. Along with the tools and machinery in your farm, having woodpiles and a firepit along with the other decorative items will make the farm feel like home. Each upgrade adds more items to make the farms nicer for the player.
Country Life Facebook Game

In Closing

Just like so many other games and applications on Facebook they can become very addictive, but with moderation and a good sense of fun and adventure, it can be a nice way to spend a little time when you have some free.