Creating crafts out of everyday household products is a great way to reduce and reuse. This is where country wood crafts can work well. Rustic crafts are usually a useful craft, as well as a piece of art.

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So, the next time you want to paint a picture and show it off on the wall, why not make it a "useful piece" and it can play double duty! It has its use, and looks great on your wall.

Decorative Hooks

Here is one great way to use up any leftover tongue and groove wainscoting from that paneling project, or if you do want to buy it, it is quite cheap in small packages. We had used some tongue and groove pine wainscoting on the lower part of a wall up to a chair rail and we had a few pieces laying around after, (I used 4 pieces for this project) so I decided to come up with a project, and here it is.


Decorative Hooks - What you will need:


- left over pine wainscoting or purchased wainscoting (tongue and groove, which means each piece fits into each other)

- unfinished wooden draw pulls or wooden pegs for the hooks (your choice) but at least 3 works well complete with screws for securing them to the piece.

- acrylic paint

- wood glue

- lots of ideas!

- Wire for hanging or you can screw this right to the wall if you think it will take a beating, such as for hanging coats etc!

These crafts - decorative wall hooks, work well near an entrance, or kids room or even in the bathroom for towels.


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Step 1 - Basically, I took 4 pieces of the pine tongue and groove wainscoting and I put them together with a very thin line of wood glue just to make sure, but basically they are designed to fit into each other.

Step 2 - You can make these any length, I had cut mine to approx 3.5 feet tall, but you can have them full length, or shorter, up to you and the space you are putting it in.

Step 3 - I then cut 2 pieces the same width as the project, and glued them with the wood glue to the project at the top and the bottom.

Step 4 - I then drill 3 holes right through the thickness of the horizontal board and the vertical boards for the hooks. (Measure to evenly space the hooks) These wooden drawer pulls or wooden pegs are then screwed in from the back. If you purchased them as hooks, they usually come with a screw ready for this type of project.

country wood crafts  (29280)


Step 5 - Then the fun begins. Decorating your project!.  In my case, I wanted the rustic look to remain, so I watered down some white paint and painted it on lightly almost like a stain to lighten the wood, and then I painted on my picture with acrylic paints, but slightly watered down again.

I chose to paint the picture, but if you don't like to paint, you can get creative in many other ways. This country wood crafts project, is like a big blank canvas. You can decoupage it, or you can put words or a positive saying on it, or you can use tracing paper and blow up a photograph and then trace it onto the board and then paint it. There are many ways you can use to decorate this piece.

I was asked to make one once for a customer, who wanted a blank one, so that she could get her kids to put their hand prints on it in paint and date it underneath for their cottage. I thought that would make a great keepsake. But the construction is not that hard, and I was able to make a few dollars off of something that was going to end up in the fire pit as rough cut wainscoting is not really much use for anything else in the scrap pile.

So, before you start buying wood for that next project, take a look around your own place, or the reuse center or even your local dump and see if there is something there that just might make a great wood craft for yourself to do, or for a gift, or to sell at that next craft show.

By creating decorative hooks, you can showcase your art, in such a way that it is useable. When I sold at craft shows, it was my art that could be used for something that sold the best, such as trays, window boxes, and jewelry boxes.. rather than my paintings just framed on their own. Another good surface to paint on are those bread boxes that have made a come back..

So before you throw something out, and you have a craft business or are looking for a unique gift idea, imagine it with paint or decoupage or fabric.. and get that imagination flowing.

I like to take a lot of pictures with my digital camera to get subject ideas for my painting. My sister in law has a farm, and I love to paint hens, chickens, ducks and more.. I figured rustic crafts, might as well be a country subject!

Just a note here, I left all the pine knot holes in this project just for the rustic look, but you can fill them in with wood putty if they bother you. Once you have put one of these together, it can be fun coming up with ideas for your country wood crafts project. You could even let the kids design it. Once complete, you can put a couple of coats of water based varnish on this project to protect it and to seal it. Water based is best because it doesn't yellow any of the whites in your artwork, whereas oil based products do. Plus you can do without the smell of the oil based products. Then screw your wood craft to the wall and start using the hooks!

This country wood craft definitely could come under the "reuse" part of reducing your carbon footprint! Also see wooden drawer pulls - paint your own and how to make a rustic checkerboard and wood crafts acrylic painting how to paint a dresser patchwork style for more great ideas.