Creating country wood crafts is a great way to use up excess building materials and a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle. But you can also get creative with older building materials such as barn wood.

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Diane Palmer

What you will need for this country clock

 3 pieces of barn wood. (you decide how tall you want this free standing clock, I chose 1.5 feet.) make sure there are no bugs or termites before you use it.. you can also get barn wood online (check below)

small hinges (4 of them)

saw (either hand or powered)

drill (to pre-drill holes for hinges and one hole for the clock)

clock workings with hands

Clock Movements for Project

Clock Movement Quartz Square Antique Black Hand 1/2" Kit
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these work perfectly.

Barn Wood Can Be Purchased Online

We have all seen them, those poor old looking barns that are about to fall down, and sheds and more from older farms in the country side. Many times these barns are pulled down and a new one built and much of that old barn materials ends up in the fire pits or in the fireplace, but there are some things you can do with old barns for country wood crafts.

Most barns have been exposed to the elements for a very long time, with not much care or paint, so the surface tends to be rough. You can try and sand it down, but unless it was a thick piece, you are most likely going to sand it away to nothing.

So, if you have a rustic decor, or a cottage or something that could use a few pieces of a country look , then try making this great clock. It is easy, and you can now buy "clock works" and all the associated pieces in craft stores, or even hardware and home improvement stores carry the clock works as well as many online stores.

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The clock workings usually consist of the battery backing that fits on the back and a spigot that fits through a drilled hole. You can then either purchase the numbers or come up with your own, or not at all, you can still tell the time. They usually run on one AA battery, and you can get them for a good price. There are many different styles, shapes and sizes of clock workings.. so check around. With these battery clock workings, you can pretty much turn anything into a clock. This should already get you started on some other country crafts!

A country clock is a great way to show off either your artwork, handiwork or a special pieces, in this case the barn wood.

I created this clock for a friend, who wanted the wood as a special memory of the farm she grew up at, and wanted it for her cottage.

So, she had a few pieces of the barn kicking around, so I came up with this free standing country clock. I also painted a few little yellow chicks on it for added interest. This way I could use the barn wood "as is" without sanding or changing it in any way.




 Step 1 - Take your 3 pieces and cut them the same length (you need flat even edges for this free standing clock to stand on)

Step 2 - Take the 2 side pieces and angle at the top with the saw, this is optional, but I found it just seemed to stand and look better.

Step 3 - Now take your hinges and pre-drill for the screws and then hinge the side pieces to the main center piece. Screw on the hinges. Now you can make your clock stand on its own by angling the side pieces back.

Step 4 - Drill the required hole for the clock works (it will usually come with instructions and the size of the hole required for the clock) I put the clock at the top of the center piece of wood, so that I could paint a picture underneath it, but you can put the clock workings anywhere on this country wood craft. Take your clock and from the back attach your clock backing to the barn wood and the spigot through the hole.

Step 5 - Put the clock hands and second hand on the spigot and put in your AA battery and you are good to go. (follow the instructions that come with the clock workings)

Step 6 - Paint or Decorate - You can then either decorate your barn wood clock with a painting, or just leave it as is, using the clock as the focal point. The person I created this for, loves it at her cottage and now has a clock to use for the time.


Primitive Rustic Clock

 You could paint on the numbers 12, 3, 9, 6 numbers for reference, as barn wood is so uneven on the surface the "peel and stick" numbers you can get with these clock workings kits will not likely stick to the surface very well.

I felt this free standing clock needed a bit of something on it, so I painted a few little chicks on it, as she had raised chickens. I have also created other barn wood clocks with a red stain (acrylic paint watered down) for a red barn look.. You can do all kinds of different things to this type of rustic clock.

If your wood pieces are very uniform, you could use a piano hinge for the hinges, but I found small cabinet hinges worked well.

Using barn wood for projects, is a great way to recycle, old buildings and sheds. So, before you burn off that scrap pile of wood, take a look through some magazines or just stare at it long enough and you will come up with some great country crafts to make for yourself, gifts or to sell.

Just think of things that might get used in day to day life, and try and create a original and unique piece for use. This lady had the barn wood in her shed where it would have rotted, this way, she has a clock and a memory of the barn she lived with years ago. You don't have to use barn wood for this project, you could use other woods, but this free standing very primitive and rustic clock works well.

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