Leftover wood has always inspired me. Not that I am a woodworker by any means, but I can get by! rustic crafts, are a type of craft that can be created from recycled wood products or anything leftover from that last building project.

Cedar Shim Framed Butterfly

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I spied a bundle of leftover shim shingles after we built this house a few years back, and thought, we are not going to use all of those, so why not try make something out of them? As anyone who deals with wood knows, cedar shim shingles are a bit thicker at one end then the other, as their purpose is to be wedged in openings for windows and doors for example to "shim them up" or level them.

I took 4 of these shim shingles and thought I could make something out of them. I actually like to paint tiny pictures, and had been trying a few ideas on my water color paper. I had painted a butterfly on a small bit of paper and was going to put it in a regular frame, which didn't really do anything for it. So, I thought it needed something a bit bigger. So, this was how I made my frame out of shim shingles.

Rustic Frame

What you will need:

 I found 4 pieces of shim shingle that were in good shape (if you have a bundle you may need to go through them and find some the right width and that are not broken at the thinner ends)

- Wood glue

- painting to glue on back

- drill to drill 2 tiny holes in either corner for a wire for hanging

- bit of wire for hanging up your picture

- stain or watered down acrylic paint if you want to change the color 

Rustic Frame Method

I wove these bits of shim shingle to fit. By having the wider end at one end and the narrow end has the wide end of the next piece on top of it. This is a bit hard to describe but if you look at a shim shingle you will see what I mean. You want your frame to lay flat so find 4 pieces that work well. It didn't take me long to get 4 pieces to work in a frame with the right sized opening for my little painting.country wood crafts (29286)


Once you have found the 4 pieces that work well, then take your wood glue and glue them together, they are much to thin to start using nails, wood glue works well here, you may need to clamp them to keep them together while drying or until the glue is set.

Once they are glued and set, you can then stain the frame or leave it the natural cedar color. I chose to darken mine by taking some burnt umber acrylic paint and watering it down to a stain, and quickly painting it with this stain. It brings out all the different textures. I then took my little painting (which was about 2 by 3 inches) and glued it to the back of the frame.

This is a great idea, and a great way to reuse some old shim shingles and a way to highlight a small piece of art. You can do these types of wood crafts for gifts, or for yourself or to sell. I sold a few of these online, as they were very lightweight for mailing.

You don't have to put a painting behind there, it could be a small cross stitch project that you didn't know what to do with, or a old photograph or your kids art or anything you want. Sometimes it is nice to get a picture out of a drawer or box and frame it quickly in a rustic theme.

You just never know what you are going to find in that leftover wood pile. I managed to make quite a few things and other projects from lots of leftover wood and other materials, and managed to sell them.

So, what was about to burned in the burn pit, actually ended up feeding my creativity and putting money in my pocket. That saying "one persons trash is another persons treasure" is so true with it comes to country wood crafts and other ideas. Also see country wood crafts decorative hooks and country wood crafts how to make a rustic tray