Baseboards Make Great Frames

If you love country wood crafts, and are trying to come up with some ideas, here is another one. Baseboard Frames. If you have lots of artwork pieces, or cross stitch pieces, or vintage photographs that you would like to frame, or to display, but find the price of store bought frames to be too expensive, then make your own.

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You are not restricted to using this  baseboard method for small items, it work just as well for larger items, and I found it a great way to frame odd sized paintings etc.

What you Will need for a  Frame.

 In my example, I used a tiny picture and the deep baseboard, but you can adjust this to whatever sized painting you have. I have also used baseboard for much larger pieces, it works well.

- Leftover baseboard or purchase vintage or recycled baseboard or get some from the home improvement store, enough to create your  frame.

- painting or picture to frame

- plain brown paper (like the type you would use for wrapping parcels)

- wood glue

- staples and staple gun or frame nails

- miter saw (either hand or power)

- saw tooth hanger for hanging on the wall (or one of your choice)



Step 1 - Measure the picture or painting you are planning to frame, and allow for the picture to be behind the frame (so make your opening a bit smaller than your painting)

Step 2 - Cut four pieces of your baseboard using the miter saw for the angled corners, making sure the designed part of your baseboard is closest to the picture, as in the picture example.

Step 3 - Once you have cut your pieces to fit your picture, dry fit them to make sure they fit together well. Now turning your frame over and using a bead of wood glue, glue your pieces together, and then using frame nails or a staple gun, staple on the diagonal to help hold your frame together, you may need some help holding the frame while you do this.

Step 4 - Make sure and wipe away any excess wood glue, off your piece. Once the glue has dried, you can now paint your frame, and let it dry.

Secure your Painting or Handiwork

 Take your painting or picture and with a tiny bead of glue around the outer edge, center your picture over the opening of the frame from the back. (If you do not want to use glue on your painting, you could use a bit of glue stick or other means to secure it to the back of the frame) Now cut a piece of brown paper approximately 1/2 inch smaller than the size of the frame, and then glue the paper onto the back of the frame over your painting back (I put some white glue around the edges of the brown paper). This gives the back of the frame a more finished look and protects the little painting or picture.

Now add the saw tooth hanger to the back of your frame, and you now have a country wood crafts frame created out of baseboard. Once you get the hang of creating these wood crafts, then you can make a few. It is an affordable way to frame your artwork or handiwork, and the decorative baseboard adds to the dimension of the picture.

Get Your Handiwork out of the Drawers and into Homemade Frames

 So, don't leave your paintings and handiwork in drawers or cabinets, get yourself some leftover baseboard, or vintage baseboard, or even if you need to buy some, it is cheap enough, and you can make these country wood crafts frames in all kinds of sizes depending on the artwork you want to frame.

If you have a painting, make sure it has a coat of clear matte varnish on it, to help protect from the environment, this also helps to keep acrylic colors true. Now paint your frame and enjoy your artwork or handiwork

Creating is a fun way to use up wood materials left around or you can get vintage pieces of wood at reuse centers, and some second hand home improvement supply stores, then tend to specialize in the older house projects. These can be fun places to find all kinds of ideas for country wood crafts.

If you are good with tools, you can get pieces of glass to fit these little wood crafts frames if you want your handiwork behind glass. But look at all the different designs that the baseboard has now for the building and renovation industry. You have a lot to choose from!

Also see How to Make a Rustic Checkerboard and country wood crafts acrylic painting and how to make decorative hooks and country wood crafts shim shingle frame and how to make a rustic tray for some more great wood crafts ideas

This works especially well for pieces of artwork or handiwork that have layers or 3D effect, that would not fit well behind a glass.

One great way to create country wood crafts, is to recycle materials you already have, into a rustic version. Baseboard is a fantastic source of frame materials. If you can go without glass in your project, then you can whip of these frames in no time. I am sure you could add glass, but for my country wood craft project here, I did not.

We had some left over baseboard when we built our house, but you could also find this at the reuse center or even your local dump. At the reuse center you can find older vintage style baseboards, which would make unique frames. It doesn't even have to be made out of expensive wood, as you can decorate it yourself, or paint it.

If you have a tiny picture or painting you would like to showcase in a wood craft frame, then you need to use deep baseboard materials, such as the 5 and 6 inches tall baseboard works well. Plus many baseboards now have the designs near the top edge that add interest to a country wood crafts project or frame. By having the frame material look larger than the painting, it makes it "pop" on the page and stand out. It is a great way to showcase tiny work, or art cards, or anything.