Couples Retreat is a 2009, adult, American, comedy film. Do not let me get your hopes up though. When I say adult there is nothing overtly sexy, racy or offensive in this film. In fact it is somewhat disappointing.

The plot features four couples who are friends. Actually, one of the couples has already changed marital status. Shane's wife has left him and he is currently dating a young woman aged just 20. The others all, more or less, have successful marriages, or do they?

One couple in question feel that they are at a marital crossroads. In an attempt to save their struggling relationship, they want to visit Eden. Eden looks like a wonderful holiday resort with sun, sand, fun and more. The catch is the price. Still if they can persuade the others to join them. the price will be halved. Sounds perfect but the others do not fancy going to Couple's Retreat.

After some persuasion and soul searching the four couple set off for Eden. On arrival, they discover that there is an East and West side to Eden. Eden West offers couple's therapy sessions, whilst Eden East offers singles a wild, fun holiday. With differing slogans of Stay Together for Eden West, and Come Together for Eden East, the latter instantly sounds more interesting to Joey. Eden East though is out of bounds for holiday makers staying at Eden West.

Will the couples re-kindle their relationships? Will Joey manage to get to the wild side of the Island?

On the face of it, I thought this would be a really good film. Having seen few clips and read a little of the plot it looked promising. I did enjoy Couple's Retreat but for me it just did not have the wow factor.

The cast and characters were fine but the comedy was a little too tame. There were some funny moments but these were more smile times than outright laughter making scenes.

The Couples in question Couple's Retreat is I guess an OK film.

It is entertaining on a fairly ordinary level. The plot has its moments but I suppose I was expecting so much more.

The cast includes Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman, Faizon Love, John Favreau, Kristen Bell, Kristin Davis and Jean Reno. The film was actually written by Vince Vaughn, John Favreau and Dana Fox. It was directed by Peter Billingsley.

If you fancy Couple's Retreat, it is available on DVD and Blue Ray. The running time is 109 minutes and it is rated 15 for the content.

Overall Couple's Retreat is an average comedy film that just does not live up to expectations.