Couple Tattoos

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If you're in a relationship, a couple tattoo is a great way to show your affection and love for one another. Your couple tattoo will be a great bonding experience, both as you design it together and choose the elements, and as you go to the tattoo artist and endure the pain to get it put on. You can get cute couple tattoos that represent shared experiences or inside jokes, or you can get matching couple tattoos that correspond to each other, so you'll remember the other person when they're away, and feel more connected when they are around. 

This article is designed to explain a little bit about tattoos for couples, and give you a few couple tattoo ideas to get you started. Ultimately though, picking and designing a unique couple tattoo is up to you, both of you. 

Matching Couple Tattoos

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A matching couple tattoo is exactly like it sounds, a single design that two people share. You usually get the tattoo on the same place on your body, but you can put it in different spots provided the design itself is still the same. The size and the layout of the tattoo can change depending on your needs and placement, but matching couple tattoos should be pretty easily identifiable as the same design. 

You might want to get a design that both of you can relate to, or a matching couple tattoo that represents a shared experience or inside joke that you both have. It's nice to have a little story to go along with the couple tattoos, because you're undoubtedly going to receive some questions!

Couple Tattoos: Corresponding Tattoos

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A corresponding couple tattoo is a single design that is split up between two people somehow. This means that one of you carries one half of the design, while the other person carries the other half. Your couple tattoo doesn't necessarily have to be the same shape and size, but it can be neat if your couple tattoos match up to one another somehow. Then you can place your arms, legs, feet, or whatever together, and the design becomes whole. This is a great party trick, and also an intimate reminder of the love you share.

Make sure to pick a corresponding couple tattoo that has significance. It's easy, just think of an important symbol to both of you, and think of a creative way to split it in half!

Couple Tattoos: Matching Text

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A third option for couple tattoo designs is picking a corresponding piece of text that you can both place somewhere. This bit of text, poetry or a personal oath can be really romantic, especially for a couple committing to each other or getting married. 

You can make the couple tattoo text in your native language, or pick a foreign tongue for a really interesting look... just make sure you get the translation correct!