Awesome Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

You’ve found what you need – couples Halloween costume ideas. Stop! No need to surf the Internet any longer.

He’s the perfect boyfriend. He possesses all the qualities you demand. He’s everything you want … you desire. He’s your soulmate.

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Now, he’s invited you to his boss’s annual All Hallows’ Eve party. Did I mention he’s a computer engineer at the most prestigious firm in the city? Did I also mention this will be the first time you’ll meet his coworkers and his esteemed supervisor?

Mr. Perfect wants the two of you to dress as a couple, and he’s asked you, the creative soul in your relationship, to devise the perfect ‘do for two’. So, you need a fabulous ensemble, pronto! You need Halloween costumes tailored to couples.

Nothing about the two of you is cliché, so the old standbys are out. After all, how many unique ways are there to do Romeo and Juliet, Dracula and his flavor of the month, or the naughty student and professor? Been there, and done that.

Below, are three distinctive Halloween costume creations to make any couple smile.

Couples Halloween Costume Ideas - Number One

Is one, or both, of you into astronomy? Or, do you just love gazing into each other’s eyes? Either way, if your love is ‘written in the stars’, then check out this ‘Heaven sent’, first of three suggestions for couples Halloween costumes.

Both of you will need to dress in black.

To make creating your galaxy easier, draw freehand stars onto cardboard, making star templates. You can mix the look up by creating different size star templates. Once you’ve finished with this step, cut all your stars from the cardboard.

Spread out sections of foil, and place your star templates on them. With a pen, trace your stars onto the foil, and then cut them out of the foil. Cut enough stars sufficient to decorate both your outfits. The majority of the stars should be used for your front, but allow a few for your back.

When the witching hour approaches, and you’re both all dressed in black, tape the stars to your clothing using double stick Scotch tape. If your clothing is coarse, you may need to apply more tape.

Then, before leaving home, each of you take a soup dipper in your hand, and plan to carry it for the duration of the party. He’s the Big Dipper, and you’re the Little Dipper.

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Couples Halloween Costume Ideas - Number Two

You know he’s the one. Together, the two of you are Joseph Conrad’s famous quote, “I don't know where I end and you begin.”

For this second couples Halloween costume inspiration, display your metaphysical connection to world when you dress as Yin Yang.

Wikipedia defines Yin Yang, in part, as “…is used to describe how polar or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn.”[5329] Further, “Yin yang are complementary opposites within a greater whole.”[5330]

In the Yin Yang symbol, Yang, male, is represented by the color white, while female, Yin, is black. To bring this ‘do for two’ to life, have him wear all white, and tape a black circle to his chest. By contrast, you’ll wear all black, and attach a white circle to your chest.

To give texture to the circles, cut them out of felt, and affix them to your respective clothing using a few simple sewing stitches. Once the party is over, these stitches can be easily removed without any damage to your clothing. Save them, in case you want to replicate this guise another year.

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Couples Halloween Costume Ideas - Number Three

From October 31, there are only 54 days until December 25! For those individuals who love, and cannot get enough of, both All Hallows’ Eve and Christmas, then this getup will feed all your thrills.

There are only a couple dress considerations:  Wear as much bright red and green as possible, from head to toe. Since Yuletide merchandise is typically stocked alongside All Hallows’ Eve’s, it won’t be hard to find the needed festive accoutrements.

To execute the third, and final, of these cool Halloween costumes for couples, have your guy carry a set of sleigh bells, and as he jungles them, throughout the night, have him wish everyone a “Merry Christmas.” For the girls, carry a small decorative Christmas bag filled with candy canes. As you pass your candy canes out to your fellow partygoers, wish them a “Merry Christmas,” too.

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Drum roll! You and your sweetheart are Christmas Elves.

For another variation, on this Yuletide themed Halloween costume for couples, he and you could dress as Santa and Mrs. Claus. For you real diehards, have him carry the same bells, but instead of wishing everyone Merry Christmas as he rings them, he’ll now cry, “Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now, Prancer and Vixen … .” And instead of a gift bag, you can carry a gift tin full of cookies to be distributed.

I hope these couples Halloween costume ideas help you have a spook-tacular All Hallows’ Eve! Enjoy the night.


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