What was considered a slowly dying craze has once again been given life. With a deep recession and stubbornly high unemployment, people are watching every penny. This in turn has revived what was once a tradition for many families, coupon clipping. Printable coupons, grocery coupons and a coupon clipping service have not only make a comeback this year but have become one of the biggest business ventures of our time. Groupon is currently the fastest growing company in the world and has been touted by the big boys such as Google.

Clipping coupons is often a meticulous procedure, nevertheless it could be time very well spent. As outlined by the Wall Street Journal, an hour spent searching for and clipping coupons can generate as much as $100 in savings. In these troublesome financial times, people in america are recognizing that if there are bargains to be obtained out there, we owe it to our families to take complete advantage of these bargains, and there are establishments whom will make it easier to get the free coupons.

The local newspaper was once the standard resource for coupons and deals, however, shoppers are turning to websites for online coupons, with online distribution up 92%, and consumer payoff of these coupons over 360 percent.

One of the greatest resources for coupons in my opinion would be the Coupon Mom, Stephanie Nelson. Coupon mom provides tips on not only how to find coupons, but how to manage them, and most importantly tips on how to take complete advantage of the coupon. She provides professional tips on coupon tactics, grocery store savings, restaurant savings, back to school savings, travel savings and much more.

For the mobile shopper, apps are available. The most popular currently being ShopSavvy and Cellfire Mobile Coupons. The ShopSavvy app is available for both the iPhone and Android. With just the simple swipe of a barcode, this smartphone application will discover the most cost effective local or internet price complete with map directions, webpage and retailer telephone numbers. The Cellfire Mobile Coupon app is accessible on the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. This app can get a hold of discounts from countless numbers of grocery store regions instantly to a shopper's retailer customer loyalty card. Discounts are immediately deducted when the card is scanned at checkout, removing clipping and printing altogether.