Coupon Codes: How to use coupon codes and cash back rebates to save money

Many people shop online to buy clothing, office supplies, airline tickets, shoes, baby diapers, or eBay auction items. But did you know that online shoppers can save money by using coupon codes and cash back rebates from online merchants.

Thousands of online merchants like eBay,, Gap, Old Navy, Nordstroms, Office Max, Home Depot, Newegg, and 6pm offer coupon codes to their customers. In addition to coupon codes, online shoppers can get free cash back rebates for their online shopping by joining free cash back rebate sites like Ebates and Mr Rebates. These cash back websites are paid a commission from the merchants, and they split the commission with you and give you a cash back rebate on your shopping purchase.

Coupon Codes from 1200 Stores

Things You Will Need

Ebates Cash Back is a free online shopping portal that lists thousands of coupon codes. Ebates also gives you free cash back rebates from more than 1500+ online stores.

Step 1

How Ebates Cash Back works Start by joining Ebates for free. Ebates will even start your account off with a $5 Cash Back Sign Up Bonus (which will be valid after your first cash back purchase of $20 or more). After joining you can use any of the thousands of coupon codes listed from more than 1200 online retailers to save money on your online shopping purchase. In addition to the coupon codes listed, you will earn a free cash back rebate on your shopping purchase through Ebates. Please use the link in the author info box (to the right) to join Ebates for free.

Step 2

Ebates Cash Back homepage

From the Ebates homepage, click on the coupon code you want to use

You can also click the store name of the merchant you want to shop from. You can browse different categories of online stores offering coupon codes and cash back rebates on the left hand side of the page.

Step 3

Make your online purchase from the store of your choice, just like you normally would.

Ebates will track the cash back earned from your shopping. Cash Back rebates are paid out once per quarter (min $5.01 in earnings) automically on the following schedule:

Purchases made: Jan 1- Mar 30
Cash Back paid: May 15

Purchase made: Apr 1 - June 30
Cash Back paid: Aug 15

Purchases made: July 1 - Sept 30
Cash Back paid: Nov 15

Purchase made: Oct 1- Dec 31
Cash Back paid: Feb 15

Step 4

Cash Back is paid by Check or Paypal

Tell Ebates how you would like your cash back rebates to be paid to you.

You can have them mail you a check or your cash back rebates can be sent to your Paypal account. This is done from the My Ebates page, then click the Cash Back Method link.

Another Great Coupon Code Directory is Mr Rebates Cash Back.

Mr Rebates is also a cash back rebate program that is FREE to join. They list thousands of coupon codes and cash back rebates from more than 2500 online merchants like Gap, Old Navy, Home Depot, Office Max, Orbitz, eBay, Travelocity, Eddie Bauer, Bath and Body Works, DermStore, Saks Fifth Avenue,, and thousands more. Mr Rebates is a more complete database of coupon codes than Ebates, so join them both and just use which ever directory has the best coupon code and cash back savings for the particular store you are shopping at that day. Mr Rebates pays out your cash back by check or Paypal monthly when you request it, as long as your balance is more than $10.00.

Please use the link in the author info box (to the right) to join Mr Rebates for free.

Tips & Warnings

To maximize your savings with coupon codes and cash back rebates, join BOTH Mr Rebates and Ebates. Check to see which one offers the highest cash back for the particular store you are shopping at that day. Both websites run daily, weekly, and holiday specials at certain stores, so cash back amounts and coupon codes can change daily.
Use the links in the author info box (to the right) to join both programs for free.