Save Money

Stock up

I started couponing over a year ago and not only do I consider it a hobby now but I have saved so much money! It's fun! It doesn't require as much time as you'd think and you don't have to be an extreme couponist either. I get newspapers every Sunday and usually print some off the Internet. I shop once a week and usually once every couple of months when our stock piles get low.

All you need to do is get your Sunday paper. If you want to be an extreme couponer you will probably get more than one but to start you only need one. I started off getting just one local paper and compared the coupons to the ads in the paper. You'll see how much you can save. I do buy things sometimes that we don't use often but I ONLY purchase those things if I'm getting them for free or making money on them.

An example of free:

Dollar General has Glade Plug In Warmers on sale for $1.00 and there have been coupons for $1.00 off Glade Warmers for the past couple of weeks and online. End result - Free! (You do pay tax obviously)

An example of making money:

Two weeks ago Dollar General had the same warmers on sale for $1.00 but the coupons from about 3 weeks ago were for $1.50 off one Glade warmer. End result - $.50 credit towards something else on your list. Typically something you don't have a coupon for!


Maybe using coupons won't be worth it to you, and that's fine. I love doing it and by purchasing 5 papers every week I spend $6.25 but it amounts to nothing compared to my average savings with coupons. Not long ago I went shopping and before coupons my total was $62.88. After my coupons I ended up paying $5.88. Why wouldn't you try it?? A lot of times we only have about $30 leftover each week to go towards groceries. Using coupons actually makes $30 a week possible if you can find the good deals. It takes time and some good basic math skills, but to me it's become a hobby and I actually look forward to making my shopping list each week! When we have the extra money, I'll stock up and typically go to Kroger since they'll double coupons up to 50 cents. That way if one week we don't have any money leftover for groceries then I get into our stock pile! Problem solved and no one goes without!