Coupons for groceries are a topic of heated debate both online and in real life. Most know what they are in all their various forms from traditional printed grocery discount coupons, to online printable grocery coupons, and even the newest inventions electronic grocery coupons and wireless food discount coupons. But, are they really worth the time it takes to try to figure out how people spend a few bucks for hundreds of dollars of groceries? My answer to that is both yes and no.

The plain and simple truth is that you can save literally thousands of dollars every year off your food expenses, eat exceptionally well, and still not break a sweat with heavy coupon shopping. That is, if you are a extremely aware consumer who knows a good food value and is willing to put some serious effort into saving week in and week out, every week. Without dedication, consistency and outright stubbornness, you are unlikely to ever manage to save this much from month to month. Yes it can be done and is everyday in every grocery store from the West to the East and everywhere in between.

Yes, even if you don't reach the pinnacle of coupon shopping, you can still save a couple of hundred bucks a month or more. You still need to work at it, but it is not nearly as difficult nor as time intensive as becoming a Coupon Queen.

Now for the no side of the grocery coupon shopping debate:

No, you can not save much money coupon shopping without putting some effort into the procedure on a regular basis. No, you can not save much money without learning a few basic strategies either.

See, not so many no's only a few. But the truth still remains you will need to put at least minimal time and education into learning how to coupon shop correctly to get the biggest savings off your grocery bills.

Grocery Coupons Are the Answer to Saving Thousands of Dollars Every Year off Your Grocery Bills

Here are the grocery shopping secrets you absolutely need to know to get saving on every grocery shopping trip;

1. You have to know how to get a large number of grocery coupons so that everything in your shopping cart s purchased at a discount. To get extra coupons, you can round them up online, sign up for electronic grocery coupons, register for wireless grocery discount coupons or buy extra news papers, even buy them through a coupon clipping service if you are short on time. If you notice a coupon for an item you use regularly, be sure you walk into the grocery store with at least three of the same offers. More items purchased at deep discounts mean more savings for you.

2. You many also want to learn how to get grocery coupons in the mail. Grocery coupons by mail are easy to get. To get grocery coupons through the mail, go to the manufacturer website of your favorite brands and get on their mailing list. Sometimes they also offer an email delivery option and will send you double the offers if you register for both. Grocery coupons by mail will make your life a lot easier because good offers will come to you before you have to spend the time to hunt them down.

3. Learn the best places to find free grocery coupons online. The folks who stuff the coupons into the Sunday papers have a website and offer coupons to print online for groceries. Try the biggest websites like Smart Source, and AOL's Shortcuts for additional sources of discount food coupons. These are free resources and worth your time. In addition, manufacturers all have their own websites and offer free coupons and occasionally samples of their products of their new items.

4. The best coupon values are high face value coupons worth one dollar or more, additionally, any value is better than buying at full price. Why the high face value coupon? When used at a double coupon store they will usually get you free items or very close to it. Why low face value coupons? Never, ever pay full price! There are too many grocery coupon offers out there to need to pay the high dollar ever again.

5. Grocery store sales are great but you can add extra value with coupons. Grocery store sales will usually save you 20-30% off the full price of an item. Use a double grocery discount coupon with sales and you will automatically be saving in the 60-100% range. Always use your double coupons when there is a sale on to maximize your savings.

6. Use multiple coupons when the sales are good to ramp up your savings. Remember I mentioned to always have a least 3 like coupons for every item you use regularly? Here's why, when you find a sale you will be able to get three or more items you will be happy to use for free or close to it. This is how the Coupon Queens really save big. Lots of grocery discount coupons for free or very close to free items. You can do it too!

7. Don't forget the supper high face value coupons that come out every once in awhile in the newspaper. Free Red Lobster coupons or Swiffer coupons anyone? These are a particularly good value and opportunity to save larger dollar amounts.

If you focus your efforts on finding coupons for groceries you use the most often, you will automatically reduce your food bills by a hefty amount. Just follow the basic principles above, and you will be hard pressed not to save well over 50% off you food bills with only minimal efforts. How much farther you take your savings is up to you. I warn you though, saving money with excessive grocery coupon use gets addicting. I remember the first time this happened for me. I walked into a store and bought ten items that were on sale all with high face value coupons and do you know that my total was? A whopping $.53 when it was all said and done, and I was dumb founded. So like any other addict in the making, finding coupons for groceries became not only a passion but a true addiction. I took the time to contemplate this sad fact as I unpacked the other 5 separate orders of that same shopping trip that afternoon. Total cash outlay for $120 worth of stuff was $2.65 that day. You all know what happened next. I have been actively looking for and finding coupons for groceries to fuel my addiction ever since.