Las Vegas Bicycle Courier

Whether you are an experienced courier or want to break into the courier business then take a look at Las Vegas. Las Vegas offers a multitude if various courier jobs. People new to the courier business generally will have an easier time of getting hired by a quality courier company as opposed to other large cities such as San Diego, Chicago, and Miami.

In Las Vegas you can find many courier jobs of all types. If you want to simply deliver packages locally you can and if you want to have Las Vegas be your home base as you deliver your parcels to other towns and states such as the Southern California area you can. Many Las Vegas couriers spend a lot of time driving between Las Vegas and Southern California to deliver important and time sensitive data and documents to there clients.

Even if you have ran your own courier business before you may choose to work with a courier company as an employee if you are new to Las Vegas. This will help you to get your feet wet in a new territory ad you learn the preferences of the Las Vegas area companies that hire couriers to deliver there important packages and documents.

In Las Vegas you can find many different types of courier positions.

Bicycle Couriers

Although bicycle couriers in Las Vegas are not as prevalent as in New York City and Chicago they still have an important presence in Las Vegas. Each town has different features that make being a bicycle courier as very hard job. In New York City the bicycle couriers have hectic traffic to deal with. In Chicago they have ice cold winters. Chicago bicycle couriers ride and deliver parcels year round, even in winter snow blizzards. In Las Vegas bicycle couriers have to deal with extreme high temperatures in the Summer time as well as fight the many drunk tourists on the busy Las Vegas Strip.

Motorcycle Couriers

Las Vegas does have a few companies that employ motorcycles for delivery of some of there time sensitive documents that need to be delivered rapidly. As the city of Las Vegas expands the need for motorcycle couriers will increase.

A motorcycle courier can generally deliver faster then a bicycle courier in Las Vegas. Motorcycles are preferred for smaller packages and documents as fast easy parking is easier to find with a motorcycle then with a car or delivery van.

Same Day Couriers

Same Day Couriers in Las Vegas are courier companies that guarantee delivery of a parcel, package, or documents within 24 hours. A lot of the Same Day Couriers in Las Vegas deliver to Southern California, Central California, and even as far away as Reno and Salt Lake City, Utah. Some courier companies may use trucks or delivery vans while others will simply use cars or small pick up trucks.

Big Courier Companies

In Las Vegas you can also find work with one of the major courier companies such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL. These companies may be harder to get hired on with but usually you will earn more pay and better benefits then some of the local Las Vegas courier companies.

Car Parts Delivery

In Las Vegas you will see countless small pick up trucks that are delivering parts from the Auto Store they represent to mechanic shops, tire shops, and other similar companies. Car Parts delivery can be a fun way to earn a living. Even if you are new to Las Vegas you will rapidly learn how to get around the large town of Las Vegas.

If you are moving to Las Vegas and are wanting a courier job there are many career paths available to you. If you would like to read more about Las Vegas then please read any of these other Las Vegas articles I have wrote on.

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