I just got back home from another wonderful holiday in Hong Kong.  We like to go there from time to time and we usually stay in Shatin. Shatin is in the New Territories which is a little out of the way from Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. But with the very effective and punctual transport infrastructure in the whole of Hong Kong, this mild inconvenience is tolerated.

This time, we decided to stay at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel. This is quite a new hotel. Only a couple of years old. So the room that we stayed in was very clean and modern. The bathroom was clean and we were given many clean white fluffy towels as well as other bathroom amenities like soap, shampoo, toothbrush and combs. We were given a room with a lovely view over the river that runs through the city of Shatin. The photo below is the view from out the window of  our hotel. You can see the great view of the river running through Shatin and the many high rise apartment buildings with the magnificent mountains in the backdrop.

Beautiful view of the river and mountains

Everyday, you are given two complimentary medium sized bottles of water for your room which is good because it is advised that Hong Kong water from the tap is not good to drink. However, if you are out of bottled water or out of any general grocery items, do not fear. Located around the corner is a grocery shop. You can buy almost any grocery shop item there. When we were there, we bought many bottles of water from there every single day. At the time of writing, the shop opens quite early in the morning and closes at 9pm.

 Also, just next door to the hotel, is a MacDonalds restaurant. We went there to eat on two occasions on this holiday. What about the food at MacDonalds? Well, Macdonalds is Macdonalds; wherever you go, the food tastes the same! But it is handy to have that worldwide known fast food joint there so you won’t have to go hungry in the event that you can’t find food!

 On the subject of food, the Courtyard by Marriott in Shatin has a restaurant called Momo Café. There happens to be a buffet breakfast everyday that finishes at around 10.30. We did not eat the breakfast buffet but I am told that you are offered a great selection of food with western food as well as Asian food. However, on one morning, when we did have breakfast there, it was past the buffet time so we ordered from the ala carte menu. This was delicious and the food was fresh.

 On one night, we decided to eat at the dinner buffet at this restaurant. It was alright. Not too great but not bad either. I remember that there were a few stations which you could order food from. There was one station that was manned by a lovely lady and there was a selection of noodles and vegetables that she could boil for you. This is done in front of you. Also there is a pasta section where you could also choose your own ingredients for your pasta and it is cooked in front of you. There is also a sushi section where raw fish could be carved for you. As for desserts, there is a large selection and there is a pancake making section where you could choose your own toppings for your freshly made pancake. Overall, there was a lot of choice to choose from so it was worth the money.

 For all you fitness junkies, there is a large gym where you can tone your muscles and there is also a pool. However, this pool closes during the winter months.

 The hotel offers a free shuttle bus service. This goes to the main Shatin Shopping centre which is called New Town Plaza Shopping Centre. This is also where the Shatin railway station is located. At the end of the day, you can go to the designated bus stop just outside the station and wait for the hotel shuttle bus to take you back to the hotel. I strongly suggest that you look on the hotel website to find the shuttle bus timetable. While we were there, the last shuttle bus to take us back to the hotel came at about 10pm in the night.

 It is a pity that there is not a free shuttle bus that can take you from the airport to the hotel when you arrive, or take you to the airport from the hotel when you leave. I think this was the only downside while staying here. But you never know, they might in the future have this benefit. I know that another hotel in Shatin where we stayed previously did have  free airport shuttle bus and this was most convenient.

 If you are planning on a holiday in Hong Kong and you don’t mind being a little out of the way from Kowloon or Hong Kong Island, then I suggest that you stay in Shatin. And a great place to stay in Shatin is the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel. It is economical, modern and clean and the staff there are extremely attentive and want to help you with any queries that you might have. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there and would gladly stay there again!