Fabric cover buildings are quickly becoming a popular method of outdoor storage for cars, trucks, boats, RV's, and garden equipment across America. Often referred to as portable shelters, instant garages and temporary buildings, these polyethylene fabric covered buildings can provide long lasting protection from the elements. The reasons to purchase one of these garage structures is very clear: 1.) Low Cost, 2.) Portability, and 3.) Ease of assembly

Low Cost – Cover buildings are a value based alternative to the cost of a conventional brick, metal, wood, or vinyl sided construction. With the ever increasing cost of building materials, consumers need to store their investments at a more competitive price. A conventional wood or metal storage shed can typically cost 5 – 10 times that of a comparable instant garage while providing equivalent weather protection. Some consumers often translate the low price of these buildings into inferior quality and lack of sufficient protection from the elements. Yet some manufacturers have fabric cover warranties of 10-15 years. Replacement covers are available.

Portability – A cover building has another tremendous advantage: they can be easily moved. Consumers enjoy the future option to move their structure due to potential unforeseen reasons. These structures can be relocated by simply disassembling and then reassembling in a new location. Conventional wood storage sheds are considered temporary, however, still may require a forklift or crane for relocation which can damage the building or the surrounding landscaping or yard. Most cities, towns, townships, etc classify these buidings as temporary, typically resulting in no increase in property tax. However, consultation with local authorities is recommended prior to purchase. Due to the size and weight of these buildings, a freight truck can deliver to the consumer's residence (depending on size on accessibility).

Ease of assembly – Another of the tremendous benefits of purchasing a garage structure is the ease of construction. Conventional wood and metal sided buildings may require weeks or months to build and typically require building experts. Most cover buildings (depending on the size) can be assembled within hours for smaller structures or several days for larger constructions. There is no need for heavy equipment or specialty tools. Common household tools such as wrenches, ladders, mallets, etc are needed. Most physically capable homeowners can erect these buildings. Following of written directions is necessary. No construction experience is needed.

A cover building can provide for long lasting building storage protection and we have listed some of the reasons to purchase.