Curiosity seems to draw families

Springtime, flowers blooming and a rich history seems to be reason enough to draws hundreds of visitors to this area each and every year during the late spring.  Curiosity seems to draw families  traveling to the beaches as well as those from the coast seeking the cool and refreshing air of the surrounding mountains to our community each spring in time to visit and help us locals celebrate our areas’ rich history and traditions.  One thing we know how to do in east Tennessee is how to throw a party, and that is evident by those who return year after year to join us in our celebrations.  This years’ 45th Annual Covered Bridge Celebration is shaping up to be one of the best yet with local and national entertainment as well as the food, crafts and hospitality synonymous with this area of the country.

There's a lot of early American history in Carter county...

The old covered bridge is the most popular landmark in Carter County and spans the historic Doe River which flows through the peaceful little town of Elizabethton, the county seat of Carter County.  The original bridge was first built in 1882 and measures 134’ from one side of the river to the other and is probably the oldest bridge in the state.  One could cross the bridge via one lane of traffic first by horseback or wagon early on and later was opened to automobile traffic, but now is only open to bicycles and pedestrians.  The county is named after General Landon Carter, a prominent settler and landowner and also the son of John Carter who founded the Watauga Association at Fort Watauga on the banks of the Watauga River at nearby Sycamore Shoals in 1772, four years before the Revolutionary War and America became a country.  This gives this community the right to hold claim to the first permanent settlement occupied outside the original thirteen colonies were formed.  The old Carter home place is still standing and holds the claim as the oldest frame structure in the state of Tennessee.

'Come on down' and try us...

The Covered Bridge Celebration is but one of the county’s festivities planned throughout the summer but it is the oldest and largest show around following last weekends’ Blue Plum Festival in Johnson City just 8 miles away.  Each Saturday night many old car buffs bring their favorite old cars of the ’50 & ‘60s and line the major through fares of downtown Elizabethton to show off their re-created beauties to the “Ooes and Ahhhs” of all the spectators and visitors weekly.

Yes, Elizabethton and Carter County has much to offer those that want to saunter around leisurely and view nature and the local handiwork of the local citizens famous artistry and crafts.  Step back in time and visit this year’s local activities and amusements by visiting Northeast Tennessee.  Come and help us celebrate the 45th Annual Covered Bridge Celebration.

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