Hardwood kitchen-cabinets are a big investment in any home, they are like a fine piece of furniture. Hardwood kitchen-cabinets are a design favorite of home decorators because they are versatile enough to fit into almost any decor. Wood kitchen cabinets are beautiful and are available in a wide choice of styles and wood colors from cherry wood cabinets to oak cabinets to mahogany cabinets and many, many more. Most homeowners choose kitchen-cabinets so they will last for a long time. From normal use, wear and tear not to mention kids, husbands and pets, your cabinets can get scratched. When your kitchen cabinets are scratched or damaged in any way, it can be heart breaking to look at because those scratches can really ruin the beauty of your wood-cabinets. Fortunately, most scratches can be fixed, covered and hidden.

Start with the easiest method for you and progress to methods that may be a little more difficult or better color match methods for the type of hardwood cabinets you have. None of the repair methods or techniques are difficult, you just may not ahve the scratch cover remedies on hand and you may have to take a trip to the store. Driving to the store can be the hardest part of the repair. If you know your color, cosider ordering necessary products online. These fixes can work on a variety of wood tones from Cherry wood-cabinets to Oak kitchen-cabinets to Mahogany cabinets.

Dark Wood Cabinets

For dark woods, except cherry wood, make a paste of instant coffee and water.

Add water little by little to the instant coffee to form a paste with a slightly runny consistency.

Dip a cotton swab into the paste and paint it on to the scratches in your cabinets. Follow the direction of the wood grain.

Hiding Scratches

Use shoe polish. Match the shoe polish color to the color of your wood cabinets. For example if you have Mahogany cabinets try using brown shoe polish. If you have cherry wood cabinets try using cordovan shoe polish. Dip the corner of a rag into the shoe polish and paint over your scratches.

Allow the shoe polish to dry and add another coat of shoe polish if you deepen the color.

After you have achieved your desired color, apply a coat of wax to the cabinet.

Use a store bought scratch cover. Scratch covers are available in many colors and are made to cover scratches. These scratch covers work very well when hiding scratches. They come in liquid, crayon or marker forms.

Use stain. Remove one of the kitchen cabinet doors and bring it with you to a home improvement store or hardware and match a stain.

Use a soft rag to apply the proper color stain, allow the stain to dry.
Build the color with the stain, apply light coats.

Once you have achieved your color match, cover with a coat of wax.

Scratch Cover Tips

Whatever method you decide to try, always test a small hidden area to make sure your choice of scratch cover blends in well with the wood cabinet finish.