If horses and pink cowboy hats are first on your little girl's list, then you may have a little cowgirl on your hands. And any little cowgirl would just love a cowgirl theme party as a birthday surprise. It'll be a fun day for her and her friends, and the parents will love the cuteness factor too! To make the best party possible, you're going to have to rope up some great cowgirl party supplies. In this post, you'll get an essentials checklist of some of the best and also be treated to some good cowgirl theme party ideas to help you along the ride.

A Cowgirl Theme Party: Country Meet Cute

Child Pink Blinking Tiara Cowboy HatChildren's theme parties always have a bit of a cute factor, but a cowgirl theme party has it in spades. Between the young cowgirl clothing, the horse and pony related themes, and the great variety of cowgirl like activities you all can do, it's a special day that your young cowgirl is sure to love. And best of all, the parents are going to have a great time with this theme. There are many great photo opportunities that will definitely make the family photo albums. It's the type of birthday theme party that everyone remembers.

You can go as specific (and super cute) as a pink cowgirl theme party or have something a little more natural with styles closer to what real cowgirls might wear. The choice is up to you and what your little cowgirl would love!

Cowgirl Party Supplies: Your Must-Get Supplies

How do you pull one off? Well, you're going to need to decorate to fit the western theme, and there are some excellent cowgirl party supplies to help you turn your home into the perfect space! Hit the essentials in the checklist below, and you'll be on the right track to impress all of your party guests.

Pink cowgirl hats (or straw cowgirl hats)

What cowgirl with a birthday doesn't look perfect in a pink cowgirl hat? It's the fashion staple for her big day. You could have enough for all the little girl guests attending, or mix and match a pink cowgirl hat for the birthday girl with straw cowgirl hats for the guests. 

A cowgirl outfit for the birthday girl

Along with that perfect cowgirl hat, you're going to need a perfect cowgirl outfit. Having the perfect one one as a surprise is a great way to start your little girl's birthday day! 

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Pink Cowgirl Invitations (8 pieces) - BulkCowgirl invitations

Set the western mood with the right invitation weeks before the big party! You definitely need to give all your guests the heads up on the big day, and an email or generic birthday card won't cut it. You've got to get them excited about attending. There are lots of cowgirl invitations (including pink cowgirl invitations) out there to help.

Cowgirl paper plates and other tableware

Your cowgirls are going to be hungry, so a lot of time will be spent admiring the grub you've made. Be sure that your tableware fits right in with the cowgirl theme. If you're going for pink, use pink cowgirl paper plates, cups, and napkins, or if you're going more authentic, opt for invites that have got more of the real western feel, but are still a ton of fun!

Cow Print Plastic TableclothA cow print plastic tablecloth

No matter the color choices you make, a cow print tablecloth is a super cool way of adding some western flair to your table. 

Cowgirl cake toppers

You can opt for cupcakes or a full cake, but any way you slice it, you're going to need some sort of themed cake topper for them. These treats are the star of the rodeo after all, so make them shine. A great way to go about it is with themed cowgirl candles. They can be used with any style of cake and still look great. 

Cowgirl wall stickers

The space you're holding your party in has to feel as much a part of the theme party as anything else, and wall stickers are a terrific way to start. They're easy to place and as easy to remove. Why not tie in a famous movie cowgirl through some wall stickers? Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl from Toy Story would be a nice choice for your walls. 

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Assorted Western Sign Cutouts Package of 3Western sign cutouts and bandana pennants

These add a bit of old-world western charm to your cowgirl theme party. You can even have some fun with the signs, like pairing saloon signs with the main food table area in your space. Pennants are an excellent choice for stringing decorations across open spaces, and the bandana look is a great one for the theme. 

Pink cowgirl balloons (and farm animal balloons)

Just like wall stickers, having some balloons to place all about adds a lot of depth to your space. A fun choice is to go with farm animal balloons like horses and cows, especially if the birthday girl is a big fan of horses and horseback riding. 

Cowgirl party favors

Bandana Print Tote Bags (1 ct) (1 per package)

What are your cowgirl guests taking home with them when they leave? Having a party favor or two is an important thing, and the choices are really many. You can opt for something as simple as plastic deputy sheriff's badges (girl's make great sheriffs too) or something as useful as a bandana print tote bag (and fill it with other goodies.) You can also, as mentioned above, opt for handing out cowgirl hats when the party begins, especially if you aren't expecting many people to be dressing up. It'll definitely help get the little girls in the right party mood!

Pulling together your girl's cowgirl theme party is definitely work, but it will pay off in smiles when you do it right. Land the essentials above, but keep your thinking cap on. There are many other cowgirl party supplies that you can use as accent pieces for your space to add even more flair to the big day. They'll help give your party personality, and with that comes a happy birthday girl and lots of happy guests.