Cowon is a Korean company specializing in digital audio.

They have many audiophile mp3 players and portable media players. I would be reviewing the iAudio 9 which I recently bought after hearing all the good stuff about cowon.




I'll be using the Audio Technica ATH M50 (great headphones by the way) for the review and will be comparing the iAudio 9 with the sansa clip zip (my old mp3 player).

The first thing I noticed about the Cowon was that it was very slim and light. It's very much portable.

The user interface is not that great and it doesn't have a memory card slot so you are limited to the memory that it comes with (8/16 gb).  

Now to the good stuff. Without going into the tech related sound stuff I can simply say that it's sound quality is amazing (better than the clip zip) . I always wondered if I would need an amp when I was using my headphones with the clip zip. But now, with the iAUDIO, I'm happy with the sound quality it delivers without an amp.

Moreover, it has a 2 inch TFT screen that can play video as well. The video quality is okay but well, you can't expect it to do wonders with a 320 x 240 display on a 2 inch screen. 

The player supports BBE+ which according to cowon enhances mp3 sound quality. The user can enable BBE along with many preset equalizers (and user defined as well) . I, personally,  like this enhancement and my equalizer is always turned on with the BBE level set to 5 (out of 10). 


  • Great sound quality
  • BBE Enhancement
  • Plays video
  • Very slim and light


  • No Expandable Memory
  • Battery life could have been better
  • User Interface

So, would I recommend this product?

If you want a mp3 player that delivers the best sound quality go for Cowon eyes closed. There are many players from Cowon. Buy whatever suits you and your budget. The 8gb version can be had for less $100 on amazon. Again, if budget permits go for the iAUDIO 10 which is newer.

If sound quality doesn't matter a lot and you want a fancy mp3 player that's good to show around, go for Apple or some other player.

But yes,  I'd buy a Cowon just for its superb sound quality.