Making crafts is a hobby but also a good way to create unusual presents. It allows you to personalize gifts for the person who has everything. Your kids can help make creations for a family hobby. Crafts can also save you money on holiday gift giving.

Organization is a key part to making craft gifts. Start assembling your craft materials several weeks before the holiday or party to give yourself enough time to finish the project and gather any extra materials. If you are giving several craft gifts,create an assembly line to maximize time. Personalize each gift with a different color; for example, you could knit a different color hat or scarf for each family member. Create your own craft corner if you are going to make a lot of gifts. Include a lamp and storage bins for supplies--when everything is in its place, you don't waste time looking for supplies you need.

Craft gifts can take several hours or a few weeks. Spa gifts are suitable for teachers, friends, bridesmaids or a hostess. Create a spa experience with one or two spa crafts placed in a basket. Put the home bath fizz in a glass canister. Color the fizzies with food coloring for a personal touch and add scent with essential oils like grapefruit or lavender. A body scrub exfoliates and you can make it inexpensively from Epsom salts, carrier oil, essential oil and food color. Color the spa gifts to match the scent--use pink for grapefruit, for instance--and top with a homemade label.

Stenciling allows you to easily customize a tea towel or apron with a monogram or symbol. Use iron-on letters and photo transfers to create a one-of-a-kind purse or T-shirt for a craft gift for teens.

For the holidays, make tree ornaments to give as gifts or use on Christmas packages. Spice up an ordinary glass ornament by decoupaging fabric on the front. Cut around a fabric flower and apply to the ornament with decoupage medium. Top with ribbon.

Your children can help make gifts for parents, siblings, teachers or friends. This helps your children tap into their creative side while showing appreciation. Supervise your child closely when crafting to ensure safety; operate the hot glue gun yourself. Use recycled materials for children's projects. Create a bouquet of faux flowers from paint, sections cut from an egg carton and pipe cleaners. Glue decorative paper to the front of a file folder for a colorful craft gift for teachers.