Knitted coat hanger cover

If you are looking to buy a gift for that special someone then why not make them a personal gift yourself. Maybe it is because I come from the old school I still love to receive gifts that people have gone out of their way to make especially for me. Anyone can walk into a shop and spend five minutes browsing to find something suitable.

As we are not as young these days, we have told our children and grandkids not to buy us any more dust collectors. Yes I know that is mean of us. To be honest we have just sold our home and are moving into a much smaller one, therefore we will not have room for those sorts of things anymore.


It would not do if we all thought along the same lines as the big companies as they would not sell any of their products. So we all need to do what suits the individual person that you are buying your gift for. Remember when buying gifts, to ask yourself what you think the person would really appreciate. Do not select a gift that you would want, after all it is their gift.

For that reason I have dug out some of the bits and pieces that my mother-in-law knitted for me. She made a variety of patterned wooden knitted coat hanger covers so I am writingthis article in honor of her to showcase some of her handiwork.

Knitting yarn

KFI Indulgence Distrato 6 Ply Extra Fine Merino Sock Yarn Col 8 Purple, Orange, Green
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Variegated Indulgence 6 ply knitting yarn. This comes in a variety of different color combinations of your choice.

Required materials

Things you will need

  • 1 ball of 8 ply wool or scraps of wool
  • Needle and thread
  • 1 pair no 8 needles
  • 1 meter of colored ribbon approximately
  • Wooden coat hanger


Cast on 14 stitches and knit about sixteen rows in plain knitting (or pattern of your choice). Then measure it on your wooden coat hanger to make sure it is wide enough. You need to measure this as some knitters knit tighter than others.

Continue to knit in this way until it is long enough to cover the wooden hanger without stretching the knitted fabric. When you are sure it is long enough cast off. If you have never cast off anything before, then do this; knit two stitches, lift the first stitch over the second one, knit another stitch, lift the first over the last stitch. Now continue to the end. Cut off the wool and put the end of wool through the last loop.

Crochet cotton

DMC 167GA 10-210 Cebelia Crochet Cotton, 282-Yard, Size 10, Violet
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This type of thread would be ideal to crochet any of your crafts with.

Pattern for coat hanger

Pattern for knitted coat hanger cover You can choose any pattern of your choice to make these; she added a different patterned edging. You can also use a variety of different colored wools and make them striped or simply make several different colored ones using up all your scraps of wall so they are not wasted.






Fitting onto coat hanger

Measure the centre of the knitted strip and slip it carefully over the metal hook.

Wrap ribbon around the metal hook starting from the top tuck the end under covering it with the ribbon. Finish off with a few stitches to hold it in place at the bottom. If preferred you can stitch a small bow on the face of the hanger.

Thread needle with same colored wool and sew the two sided together and finish off neatly at ends of hanger.

You can knit these in any pattern of your choice and for a change you can even crotchet an edge onto it to make it look fancier. Or knit a pattern on one side like in the photo that my mother-in–law did on her coat hanger cover.

Crochet Coat Hanger Covers

If you are more into Crochet than Knitting then why not do the same thing. The only difference is you can cast on enough chain to cover the length of the coat hanger. The work upwords.  This way you are working across the length of the coat hanger. 

You could do it with double or triple crochet until you have done enough the cover the wooden coat hanger. Make sure you measure it correctly.  Now you can do a bit of fancy crochet edging. I would suggest about 8 rows.  

This can be done in a variety of patterns.  If you do not have any edging patterns then do a google search for free crochet edgings and follow their patterns.

Coat hanger covers can also be made with sheer craft ribbons in a variety of colors. Use your imagination and you can create a masterpiece of your own creation.

Earning money with handcrafts

Once you have made these wonderful coat hangers or any knitted or crochet handcrafts you can then sell them on eBay or Garage and Market stalls. Or start selling them in your own Etsy store. This will not only keep you happy making the crafts but earning a bit of pocket money at the same time. Once you have mastered this you may want to try filet crochet?



Why not keep the kids occupied by creating some of the age old games of years gone by


Sheer Asiana craft ribbon

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