If you are looking for a different surface to display your paintings, then why not consider leaf painting? This is a great craft idea, and does well in craft shows. If you like to paint small and detailed, then you can create unique pieces of art.

Autumn is a great time to go hunting for leaves. The large maple leaves, that turn yellow and red work perfectly, or any other larger one. You need to collect your large leaves and then take them home and press them either in a book between paper towels in a phone book (to stop newsprint from marring the surface)leaf painting


Or you can take the ones you choose for painting, and iron it on a low heat between paper sheets, make sure the iron is not too hot or it will scorch the surface.

Once you have it flat, now you can delicately pin it to a board to keep it still while painting on it. Using acrylic paints are the best, and using the background color and veins of the surface as part of the scene works really well.

After you have finished your painting, then you can spray it with a fixative, to preserve the color of the design and the paint. Don't forget to sign your painting. This makes a great craft idea, for your next craft show, or a great personal gift.


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these really showcase your work with the depth.

Next you need to frame your painting. A shadow box frame works really well, so that the leaf is not pressed right onto the glass of the frame. By having this style frame, it will give your painting depth and if you create a black velvet background and secure it to the black fabric and then into the frame, it will look great!

If you do a few of these, especially to sell, your craft booth will look really nice with the different colored leaves with beautiful paintings on them in nice dark deep frames. These make a nice size piece of art, and many people will likely purchase them for gifts.

So, get out hunting for good leaves to paint on, and especially the falling leaves, these are great colors that add to your painting.

You could add some smaller leaves to the background of the frame for added interest.

Leaf painting is fun and looks stunning. Whether you do a simplistic painting or a very detailed realism painting, they all look great. Mounting it on a black background just seems to make the painting and leaf stand out more, so that you can see the details, even on a small one. The frame really helps with this.

The Frame is usually about 1.5 inches deep or deeper. Sometimes you can get these as unfinished shadow box frames from the dollar store, and you will just need to finish the wood. Which ever way you go, leaf paintings look best when framed in a shadow box.

As long as the leaf is good and dry, and has been pressed for a while, it will not shrivel up after you paint it, and the fixative spray you can get at the craft store or hardware store will help to preserve the color of the painting and the leaf.

Leaf Painting. Just one more craft idea for your craft business, or for gift giving this year.