crafts for halloween



Kids love to create, and crafts for Halloween are at the top of their list. So, why not be ready this year with some great craft ideas?

Here are a 5 ideas to get you started, don't forget to get some basic craft supplies in for any crafts. Basic supplies, such as craft glue, acrylic or water paints, paper plates, colorful pompoms etc, is a good start to your craft supply kit.


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Internet Printable

The internet can be your best friend for this project. You can print Halloween coloring pages. You can make them into booklets and give them out as trick or treat gifts at a Halloween party with a pack of crayons. Or print them for your kids to color. One great site for printables, is If you click on Halloween, you should find some printables such as coloring pages, and pictures to use.

 Pumpkin Seed Necklace

This is a great idea, especially for older kids, or younger ones if you help them.

After carving your pumpkin, pick out all the seeds. (You can get your kids to dive in for those!) and then roast them until they are completely dried. Now lay them out on wax paper or tinfoil and then let your kids paint them Halloween colors, such as orange and black.

Take some strong thread and a needle and thread the painted pumpkin seeds onto your thread for a necklace. When the seeds are roasted a dried, it is not to hard to poke a needle through the seeds. You could put the holes in the seeds, and then let the kids feed the seeds on the thread. You could paint these any colors you want, but it is quite striking done in Orange and Black.

 Spider Web Paper Plate

This one is really fun and quick. Take a plain paper plate and cut out the center. Then take a hole punch and punch holes around the edge of the plate, approximately 8 to 10 holes should do. Then paint the plate with black paint. Once dry, thread black wool through the holes and weave it to look like a spider web.

Now take a pompom spider (next craft below!) or a purchased spider from the dollar store, and glue it to a corner of the web, then hang your spider web plate up to decorate for Halloween.

 Pompom Spider

This one is quite easy, and your kids could make a lot of these for crafts and to decorate for the Halloween night or maybe a party.

Take 4 black pipe cleaners, and lay them beside each other, then twist them together and lay flat, and then take a black pompom (you can purchase these in a bag at the craft store or the dollar store) and glue on some googly eyes (dollar store purchase as well). Then take your pompom and glue it to the center of the black pipe cleaners, and now you have a pompom spider.

You can make these, or add them to the spider web paper plate in the craft above. 

Edible Craft!

This one is great for parties, or just for fun.

Take some oranges, and slice off the top like a lid on a pumpkin. Now dig out the orange pulp. Make some black Jell-O ( you can get black current Jell-O that is pretty dark) and make it, then pour in your oranges and set in the fridge overnight.