paper plate crafts

Trying to find craft ideas for kids, that are not going to break the bank can be challenging. That is why paper plate crafts, are such a great idea. These simple and cheap paper plates can be turned into a whole array of crafts for preschoolers as well as for older children.

The best thing you can do, is purchase a large package of paper plates for crafts, and any scraps of tissue paper, white glue, safe scissors, pens, markers, glitter, beads and any other craft supply you can think of. The dollar store can be your best friend when it comes to paper plate crafts. Yet these simple paper plates can keep kids busy for hours!

Here are five paper plate craft ideas to get started with:

Paper plate craft - Flying Saucer

This is one of the simple projects to make. But for this project you need a clear plastic lid like you would get off of one of those cappuccino take out drinks. Just wash it and use it, or any other clear plastic container you may have around that you don't mind donating to the project. (Keep these crafts in mind before throwing out takeout containers, they can come in handy for crafts for preschoolers and this is a great way to recycle).

Take two paper plates and putting their good sides, inside, staple them together around the edges. Now take your plastic lid and glue it on top. This is the bubble for the flying saucer.

You could make these ahead of time for a birthday party, and then let the kids decorate their flying saucer. You could get glow in the dark stickers, and lots of foil to glue to these flying saucers. These would look cool in their bedroom at night hung from the ceiling.

Paper plate craft - Puppet

Take two paper plates and cut approximately 1/3 out of one of the plates. Now staple the plates with their good side on the inside. The opening you cut out will be for their hand to fit in. Now all they have to do is create their puppet face, with markers, pens or crayons.

Paper Plate Craft - Stand Alone Animal Figures

This one is fun. Fold one paper plate in half, and then draw your dog or cat or any animal, with the fold of the paper plate being their back and maybe their tail. Now cut it out without cutting the fold, and you have stand alone Animal figures for them to decorate. You can use pieces of felt to glue for the ears, and they can draw and color their animals any way they like.

If these paper plate crafts are for rainy day projects, they could create a whole farmyard of animals if it rains long enough! These make great dinosaurs as well.

Paper Plate Craft - Dream Catcher

This is a cool paper plates craft as well. Take a paper plate and cut out the center part. Now take a hole punch and punch approximately 8 to 10 holes evenly around the rim of the plate. Now take string and put it through the hole and as you cross the center of the plate to the other holes, you can weave the string.

You could decorate this dream catcher with ribbons and feathers for a fun look Depending on the age of your kids, this can be as intricate or as simple as you want.

Paper Plate Craft - Masks

This is a pretty common one, but still is one of the most fun paper plate crafts for preschoolers. You help them decide where the eyes will be, and you would cut out the circle for their eyes, and then they can decorate the paper plate mask. All you have to do is take some ribbon and staple a piece of ribbon to either side of the paper plate and then tie it at the back of their head when it is done. This is great for make believe play time.

My kids loved to make the paper plate masks, and made them a part of their Halloween costumers every year for the school party.

Find Paper Plates For Crafts

So next time you are in the grocery store or the dollar store, pick up that cheap package of paper plates (you don't need the fancy strong plates for these crafts, just the cheap ones that your food tends to fall off of if you use them for food!) and stock up on some cheap craft supplies, especially from the dollar store.

Kids have a great imagination, and you would be surprised what a few pieces of tissue paper or that roll of tin foil will be used for with paper plate crafts. Also, keep in mind some of the plastic take out containers. If you clean them well, they can be used for crafts. Find a good strong box, that you can keep your craft supplies in, and when that rainy day shows up, or your kids just want to make something, especially crafts for preschoolers, then you have everything in one spot.

Have fun with paper plate crafts.