If you have decided to try and create some craft kits to supplement your arts and crafts business, then here are a few ideas that you might like to try.

You have to first decide on your market. Are you looking to sell simple small craft kits for 5 dollars? 10 dollars?. Then you can narrow down some ideas based on the price range you are looking to do.

I used to do the craft show circuit with a friend of mine, and one of the things she could always guarantee a sale with, was homemade Christmas ornaments. She would make them out of wood cutouts and paint them or add beads to them for a few dollars. She would always keep a basket of them nearby, and even if she didn't do well on her bigger items, she would always sell these out, and if nothing else they paid for the rent of the booth and more.

Craft Kits - Christmas Ornaments

So, the idea of craft kits for Christmas ornaments works well. All you are going to need for a 5 dollar kit, are some simple wood cutout shapes, which you can get in bulk from craft stores as well as many hardware stores too! You can also purchase these online from places like Ebay or Amazon, for a good bulk price.

Then decide on a design or fabrics to glue to them or whatever it is you would normally like to create (you could research new crafts for Christmas ornaments online or in craft books for ideas) Get together the necessary supplies to make either just one ornament or a few. These make great craft kits.

Craft Kit idea - Denim Purse

This is great for the tweens, (pre-teen) all you need are the back pockets from old clean denim jeans. Sew them together (sides and bottom leaving the top open for the purse) with or without a lining and attach a cord to each side for the strap. You could also use the double stitched seam from the old jeans for a denim purse handle.

You can then decorate these purses anyway you like, such as with beads, fabric paints, sparkles, there are so many products that can be used to decorate these little denim purses.

These can make great craft kits. You could make up the purse ahead of time, and then include different decorating ideas in each kit, such as beads, or fabric paints. These can be sold as craft kits.

If you can get a good price on small containers of paints, or any paint type supply, then you could put some of these in a craft kits, with unfinished wooden frames and those unfinished wooden trinket boxes you can get at the dollar store.

Craft Kit Idea - Grab Bag

Another idea for a craft kit, is actually a grab bag. This could be bags filled with your leftover supplies, that you don't need anymore, but that someone just starting out in crafts would love to get rather than buying huge supplies. For example: If you quilt, and have lots of "fat quarters" or squares left that you don't want to use, or are not enough for a big project, then you could put all these in a bag for 5 dollars. You might as well liquidate your leftover craft supplies, clean out your craft room and make money! Kind of like a garage sale for your leftover craft supplies!

When I first started in crafts, I found a bag just like that filled with 1/2 used bottles of acrylic paint, some paint brushes, and some left over water color pad of paper, wooden shapes, bits of fabric, and many other things for 10 dollars. I came up with all kinds of crafts to do with that bag of crafts including crafts for the kids to do.

So, you can have a large basket filled with "theme style grab bags" meaning grab bags of knitting wool for knitting crafts, or paints and brushes for artist crafts for example. Everyone loves a bargain, and baskets of bargains always seemed to attract customers at craft shows.

So, try craft kits ideas, and grab bag ideas, at your next craft show. It might take a bit of time to organize them, but you can make pretty good money with well organized craft kits, and extra money with grab bags too! This will not take away from your main products, but can be considered an addition.

When you have products at craft shows that are in all the price ranges, including your more expensive detailed valuable arts and crafts down to the 5 dollar grab bags, you will attract more attention to your table. Make sure you have a sign for the grab bags and the craft kits with a price, and then they don't have to ask you how much, and you are more likely to make a sale. Even in the tougher economy.