Pink Christmas decorations can be a little bit hard to find. This is kind of a designer color that you don't see a lot of. However, if it's your favorite color you can still work it into your holiday decorations. Here are a few things that you can use to really get this color into your holiday palette. You can also make a great holiday gift for anyone who is in love with this color.

Hot Pink Christmas Tree

Shabby Chic Christmas Decor

Consider decorating with flowers. You'll need to go with more high end varieties so it isn't too cheesy. In this case, you can even use faux pink roses or poinsettias on your tree in the place of ornaments. You could also just find beaded pink garlands to string around the tree. You really need to think outside the box when you change up your holiday color palette then start shopping in dollar stores as well as craft stores to get the items that you want that will fit within your color palette and your budget.

Small Pink Christmas Tree

Candy Christmas Ornaments

You can also go with more of a candy land kind of theme. It comes in all kinds of colors even pink. This is the perfect way to get pink Christmas decorations in your home and it's something that everyone can enjoy. You can just go with a gingerbread house with these kinds of colors. You could even display jars of candy throughout the space. There are also a lot of faux candy garlands that use these motifs and oftentimes they include this kind of color palette.

You can also go with more of a sophisticated kind of look if you're willing to pair this with neutral colors that are still striking. A way to do this would be to go with chocolate brown. This is going to create a very conventional decorating color palette but you'll be using it for unconventional kinds of reasons. Make it very sophisticated. You might want to even create your own chocolate brown stockings and tree skirts. Then shop in the craft section of the store to get beaded trim in pink jewel tones. You could even add an oversized monogram to each stocking.

You can also use glue and glitter to create your own ornaments. This allows you to add a special touch to basic Christmas balls as well as even snowflake ornaments. You can just use glitter. Depending on how dense the glitter is you'll probably need to paint the items first. This allows you to shop around for a lot of mismatched items but then give them a very cohesive color palette. Then you can also bring in any kinds of accent colors that are going to match this such as orange. If you're worried about this being too colorful then consider going with a gold or white variety of tree so you don't have green in the color palette too. Of course, this isn't going to look real but that's really kind of the point. Instead, it's just a bit opulent instead of homey and rustic.