Trying to integrate your craft room furniture into your home does not have to be hard if you find the right products to house all your supplies.

The worse thing about crafts is the amount of supplies that will accumulate in each room of the house, and then you simply cannot find the things you need.   If everyone in the family has a hobby or craft then it can easily overwhelm a space. 

Investing in some good looking storage ideas will help.  It might be as simple as getting a few baskets and labeling them and sliding them onto a shelf or maybe you will need something a bit more elaborate.  Check out the ideas below and see if they get you thinking creatively on craft storage solutions.

Craft Room Storage Furniture

If you have the space you can get a piece of furniture that doubles as a work top and storage.  Add a few baskets and you have a place for all of your crafts.  It makes it easier to work on your hobbies when everything is in one spot and this way you get off the kitchen table. 

I used to find that my scissors or tapes would take a walk with my family and sometimes paint brushes simply because I would leave them out.  The thing about hobbies and crafts is that they are supposed to be stress relievers and yet to me trying to find all my supplies actually caused stress!

This work top is perfect if you have the space in a spare room or even part of the kitchen or living area if you add colourful baskets, it simply holds everything you will need and looks good too in any room!

Sauder Harbor View Craft Armoire, Antiqued White
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(price as of Oct 31, 2016)

Craft Room Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

If space is at a premium in your home, then you can get creative for your storage by getting a cabinet such as this one that literally opens out into a great work space.  You can use it for sewing as pictured but it can also be used for any crafts as the table folds out from the cabinet for the work surface.

When you are finished for the day, you simply gather your supplies into baskets and put them on the shelves and fold away the table and close the doors and now everything is neat and tidy.  This cabinet looks good too.  No more messy crafts all over the house.  It can literally fit into any room.  As long as you have a bit of room to pull the table down you will enjoy working on your hobby.

You could put this in the main living area and even watch TV while working away or in an area where you can still watch your small children while working on crafts.  This is a great craft storage solution and is perfect for a small space.

Craft Room Ideas on a Budget

If you find yourself trying to organize your crafts and supplies but simply can’t afford craft room furniture right now, then maybe think outside the box, and simply come up with a basket system, or head to the dollar store and check out the storage containers. 

If you can afford one storage idea, then this carousel is something you may want to consider.  Simply put your supplies into zip lock bags and hang them from this carousel that easily turns.  You could keep this anywhere and if you get creative with bags you can have all your sewing, embroidery and many craft supplies hanging off this turn style ready for you to use.

You could even label each bag for a project so that all your supplies for that project are in one spot ready for you to use. This is a great way to store lots of supplies on a budget.

So if you need craft room furniture and storage ideas then make a budget and go shopping, even if you just do it a bit at a time, it is a good start.  

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