Setting Up Your Craft Show Display - You can have the greatest crafts, the most beautiful dolls, purses, or whatever it is you make, but if you don't display them right, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

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A good setup, can make that much difference. You have to remember, that when customers are walking through these events, they have to take in a good number of booths and displays. If there is a fantastic setup on either side of you, and yours are just piled up on the table, then they are not going to notice.

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 I have actually been to a show, where the crafts in this one particular booth were not that great. The quality was not there and the prices seemed high to me, but the display was beautiful. This vendor actually hired someone to help her create a beautiful setup. It was worth every penny. She always seems to sell well.

Depending on where the show is, it can be hard to come up with something exciting. Many times these local events are held in a school auditorium, or maybe outside in the baseball field. So, you have to get creative on your own.

If you sell a theme, such as quilts, or purses or photographs for example, then they need to be displayed in such a way that the potential customer doesn't need to be rifling through bins, but can see this piece being displayed.

Craft Show Displays - Many of these events, will offer you a couple of tables for your space and then the rest is up to you. Some people just pile their wares up on these naked tables and then sit in a chair and wait for people to buy, but this is not wooing the customers. They need to be drawn to your booth.

 You have to put just as much attention into the display as the piece itself. So, if you don't feel you are very good at this part, then it may be worth hiring a set designer to help you come up with a craft show display that will work in the 8 x 10 feet spot they rented to you, or whatever the size may be.

For Example: If you sell small paintings, then you can invest in those turn style display units, you know the type they display post cards on? But on a larger scale. You can get 2 or 3 of these into that area, and still have room for people too look around. These turn styles actually spin, and each side could hold a few paintings. You can have bins at the back of the spot that has replacements for when you sell any.

 Price Them to Show - Have the prices in plain view. Many people don't want chit chat, so if they have to ask the price they won't bother. This type of display would work great for photographs etc. You can get these online at places like Amazon, or a retail store equipment wholesaler. Check for any retail store wholesalers online. You can sometimes get these used.

For Example: Craft Show Displays of Jewelry - You will want to take advantage of the tables they craft show displaysoffered in this case. But invest in some nice looking plain table clothes, such as black or dark green, and then invest in jewelry display cabinets or forms. These also can be purchased at Amazon. 6 Jewelry Box Display Cases Gray 50 Slot Inserts New (pictured)


This works much better than having them laying flat on the table. By having them up off the table and on display, they will catch the customers eye on the way by. You can get glass covered cases as well, if you feel you really need to keep track of your products. You still have to watch for theft at craft shows.

Art - At one show I went to, there was a painter, and she had some beautiful 8 x 10 inch paintings all framed. She invested in those room divider walls that are on wheels. You can lock the wheels into place. She use two of them, and arranged them in such a way as to create two hallways with her paintings displayed on both sides. All the paintings where then off the table and onto a wall. Like a gallery instead of just laying them on a table. You could see this display from across the room.

 People tend to hold up anything that would be displayed on a wall, to vision what it would look like. So, by having it on the wall already, helps to sell it. The prices were well marked, and she was available for questions, but she did not follow them. Many customers don't like you to be right in their face, just because they stopped to look at one of your crafts or paintings.

So, for great displays, you need to spend just as much time researching this setup as you spend on your creations. Consider the major craft you make, and figure out just how to display it. Head to some local craft shows or fairs and see how other vendors are displaying theirs.

Try and stay away from the table at the front of the space and everything just piled on it. This doesn't woo the customers. They are going to be attracted to professional looking booths and craft show displays. You need to look professional, if you plan on selling crafts for a business.

Craft Show Displays - Worth The Investment - It may seem expensive at first, but this set up will go to all the craft shows. If you can come up with a system of putting this up quickly and taking it down quickly and being able to put it in your van then this is even better.


Create a list of all the things you will need for your craft show displays, and keep it as a master list, even add to it as you find things you will need. Picture yourself putting everything up at a show, then bring the tools you will need to do so.

Obviously the simpler the better, but if you can find something other than those plain tables to display your crafts on, the crafts you have worked so hard to make, then you will already be ahead of others. Just like a department store window, display can make the difference between sales and no sales, that is why they hire window dressers for this job. If you really are stuck and want this to be a business, then consider hiring someone who has this talent, to help you come up with a craft show display design and make money.

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