Do You Need Craft Show Tents? - So, you have been looking to find local craft fairs, and you came across a listing for one with "vendors wanted" and it just happens to be in the park on a summer weekend. 

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you can get your logo printed on this one and really stand out at the show.

You read closer and it says the vendor is responsible for the shelter tents, tables and chairs.

 Maybe you have been in these fairs before, such as indoor auditoriums and other similar venues, but selling crafts outdoors is different. Most of the time, with these outdoor craft venues, you only get the space. It will be outlined in paint lines and numbered. The rest is up to you.

You will need everything from the tables to the tents. So, this one will be a bit more involved and expensive, but just where do you get these shelters? Basically any shelter style tent will do the trick, but you can get commercial graded tents or event shelters that take just mere seconds to put up.

Portable Grid Walls To Hang Art or Other Display Crafts


Grid Walls for Craft Tent

Grid Walls for Inside Your Tent to Display Your Arts and Crafts (sold Above)

This gets your things off the table and on the walls where people can see them even in a tent.

This is really important, because you don't want these taking hours to put up, with poles and pegs and more. If you have one that you own already, then perfect but if not, you should go shopping for one now, before the season really gets started.

The other thing to consider, is where exactly your space is going to be. Once you have applied to be in the display, and they have accepted your application and your money, they should include a map or layout of the craft booths. If this is a large showing, you will need to know exactly where you can park, where you can setup, will you have to walk far? Will you need help?

So, finding all that out early is best. Usually with outdoor events, you can back your car right up to your spot, but you had better make sure. If this event is big, they may have packed the rows closer together, in which case you may need help or use some kind of cart to get your stuff to your site.


But if purchasing a shelter or booth is your first objective, then you can get them online at such places as Amazon.

Most of the commercial events or booth tents are the classic 10 x 10 feet. The organizers will tell you the maximum size, but most events I have been to, that is the standard size of tent they want.

There are the odd places that provide the craft show tents, as they want their show to look uniform, rather than tons of different colored and sized tents, but that is very rare. Usually it is up to you.

When purchasing these, you are going to want to make sure they are UV rated, as you don't want to be getting sunburned through your tent roof, and you don't want your products to be effected by the sun either.

When setting them up, you will need to know if you have been put on a grassy area, or a concrete pad area. The reason you will need to know this, is that in the grassy area, ycraft show tents (39254)ou can use tent pegs to hold your craft tent up, but on the concrete or patio stones, you will need to use special tent bags that weight down the corners. E-Z Up Instant Shelters Deluxe Weight Bags - Set of 4 (pictured)


Remember, you need to prepare for all kinds of weather, whether it is hot and dry or really windy. You need to have a backup plan for just in case rain starts. Like keeping your plastic traveling tubs under the tables.

Make yourself a list of the things you will need to take to setup your tents and the products and tables themselves. You are most likely going to need a van or truck if you are selling at one of these outdoor shows. Simple things, such as table cloth pins to hold things down on the table in the wind.

List Example for Craft Show Tents and Outdoor Shows

10 x 10 feet Craft Show Tent

Folding Tables (usually 2 long ones)

Table clothes large enough to almost go to the ground (makes for great storage hidden underneath)

Clothes pins to keep the cloths from blowing off the tables

Keep your Product Tubs with You under the tables instead of the van, just in case of rain.


Warm Clothes - Dress in Layers for the day

All your priced products of course, and displays


Sun Hat

Lots of Water and Snacks

Relief for bathroom breaks and lunches

Hammer for Tent Pegs (so many people forget this!)

Tent Peg Weights (if being setup on patios or concrete

The above is just a starter list for using and outfitting your outdoor booth. If you are a regular at indoor events, then you just have to imagine going through the motions of setting up outdoor tents, you will need a few more tools than normal.

But do consider investing in a tent designed for events, as they set up literally in minutes, and then you can get working on how you are going to setup your booth. Whether you invite people into the tent or how ever you want to set it up.


Folding Tables

Cosco Deluxe 6 foot x 30 inch Fold-in-Half Blow Molded Folding Table, Black
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Watch the weather for that weekend. I once did a outdoor show with a friend at Thanksgiving. The day was sunny and bright, and we had the booth set up in fields and it was busy, but it was way colder than they had forecast and we were freezing. One craft booth was selling mittens, hats and scarves, and she was sold out before the day was over! Mostly vendors were her customers, it was so cold!

So, come prepared for the weather. People walking around may not notice it being too hot or too cold, but you will sitting there. Make sure and get relief to help you out as well, for bathroom breaks etc, and then take a quick look around at everyone else's booths and get some ideas. It is nice to see what other people are making and selling, especially at any large outdoor shows! Outdoor shows tend to be quite large, so get yourself a good craft show tent and enjoy!

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