Finding Craft Shows in Toronto - If you have just started a craft business, and want to be in more upcoming craft shows, and just happen to live near or want to go to Toronto, Ontario, then there are ways to find out just what craft shows and events are out there.

As you know, when selling in craft shows, these shows are planned months ahead of time, and you have to get your name and application in as early as you can. But just how do you find out about Craft shows in Toronto?

If you have been in the craft show circuit, in and around Toronto, then you can ask other vendors if they know of any shows coming up that they have applied for. But many crafters are tight lipped about where they are applying to get in. Many crafters will even apply for the next year just as they are packing up from the present year.

Cities such as Toronto, are likely to have bigger events that craft shows are a part of, rather than craft shows just on their own. This way the public can see all kinds of events and craft shows and fairs as well as one big event.

But here are a couple of places you can start your search, in order to get the names of the organizers for craft shows and fairs. Many of these craft shows fill up fast, so they may not need to advertise to find vendors, so it is up to you to search it out.

There is one site that is really good at keeping on top of Craft shows in Toronto and that is: It is like a blog that has been created and has many interesting facts and ideas for craft shows, and you can sign up for a free newsletter to keep in touch of the happenings in the craft show circuit in Toronto.

If you want to be a part of bigger events, or maybe you just want to check out the arts and crafts festivals and shows yourself to see what they are about in Toronto, then you can check the online calendar event website: This site has all the latest events on for the city. All the art shows, exhibits and more.

Another site to check out what is going on is Tourism Toronto. Check this out for all events going on. Sometimes just checking out events as a customer is a great way to find out more information and to see if you could see yourself and your business in this event.

As mentioned earlier, sometimes craft shows in Toronto, are added to other events. You can do great business in these events. But since they always seem to get enough vendors, they quite often don't advertise. There is also another craft show that is put on in Toronto every year in the fall or closer to Christmas, and that is the "One of a Kind Show" You can find out more about that under the events calendar, and also go through the contact us tab to find out how to enter into this show.

The larger crafts shows in Toronto, tend to be juried. Which means they will need to see a picture of your work, so they know what type of crafts you will be selling. This is to make sure you have a quality product, and that there are not too many of the same types of products at the craft shows. Toronto is a large and cultural city. You can do well with a craft business if you can get into any of the numerous craft shows in Toronto and area. Just make sure you create enough products to offset the rent.

When venturing out further with your craft business, you may want to check the bigger cities. They are a wealth of communities and everything from the huge events to the smaller local events that many communities and fund raisers will put on. It could be a simple church bazaar, or a large "art in the park" in the summer time.

Check with the local tourism offices. You can do most research such as this online. Finding craft shows in Toronto or other big cities, is easier once you get into the cities websites. Find out the arts and craft events and calendars, and there is usually a name of someone that is organizing it. Or phone the help number for the city and ask where you can find out this information.

A friend of mine did this, and ended up in some pretty big craft shows in Toronto. Just by phoning the 1-800 number for "more information" on the events calendar. Once you have got into a good craft show, chances are you will be invited back again the following year. Craft Shows in Toronto can help to boost your craft business.

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