A personalized photo frame can be a very fun way to really decorate all different kinds of frames. You could use this as a wedding centerpiece or just a home decor accent. This is really an opportunity to just give more importance to those little items that you might already have around your house. It allows you to get a custom look to artwork. You can always find a lot of these different frames in your own garage, attic, or at thrift stores or garage sales. These are quite inexpensive. Often times these feature a wood finish that might be a little bit dated or just kind of be unremarkable. In this case, you really need to focus on the size. Not only should it fit the size of your photo it also really needs to have enough room on the actual frame to make a substantial statement. Depending on what you want to put on top of it you may need to give it a basic coat of paint first. If you are planning on putting lots of items on it, this will be a very good idea to just go for an oversized frame to really make a large statement

You really don't have to cover your entire frame with embellishments but you certainly can. It really depends on what you have to work with and the entire look that you are going for. For instance you could just try gluing a few simple ornate flowers such as magnolias onto a frame. This can really give kind of a designer look to it. It's totally different from the basic floral arrangements and photos that you usually see on end tables just because you will have both in one. This can really have kind of a sense of whimsy to it depending on the type of flower that you use as well as the overall color palette. Plus, this is quite an easy project that you might even be able to do with older kids. If they can handle the hot glue gun you can certainly at least have them design the project for you.

Really consider the kind of photo you are going to place inside of this. You can really make the frame into an homage to that person. You could just collect different bits of jewelry or even outdated door keys that belong to them. This can be quite a sentimental piece to them. You could even make your favorite memories even more memorable because it becomes kind of a collage art collection where every single piece has meaning to it. You could write different quotes from the person or the person's name on the mat of the photograph to really give it kind of a custom touch. When you do use anything next to a photograph you want to make sure that it is acid free for archival purposes.

This can also be a process that can really help you clean out your junk drawer. For instance, you may have all different kinds of odds and ends like paperclips, old game pieces, puzzle pieces, or mismatched pieces of jewelry. When you put these all together on a frame you can really create innovative and an ornate sculptural element. You could always just paint all of these pieces the same color if you really didn't want things to look too busy.

You can also really customize this just by the kind of room that it is going to be in. For instance, if you're when decorating a craft or sewing room then try covering the frame with buttons. Another simple craft project would be to use decoupaging medium and patterned paper. This allows you to add a pattern to your basic frame. This can be an opportunity to really get a very high end and designer look without spending a lot of money. In fact, you can even find patterns that replicate stone.

A custom baby photo frame is really an opportunity to have a lot of fun with your nursery decor. For instance, if you're going with a garden theme you could try just a hot gluing different silk flowers all around the frame. You can go for a feminine room by just going with a high end silk pink rose all the way around. You could also carry this theme onto a lampshade. Of course you want to make sure that these items are out of your child's actual reach.

When you use a hot glue gun you can really create something that will work within your theme. This is very important for a custom photo frame. You could head outside and find a whole bunch of different branches and then cut them into the same size to really glue around the entire frame to work with a country or even casual kind of decor.

You can also have a lot of fun with the mat for a collage photo frame. You could just cover it with different photos so that you really get the full impact of an event or of a person. These smaller photos can all be in the same color palette or make them all black and white so the larger photo will really stand out. This will make sure that everyone really takes a second look at the item so that it really does get noticed and at the same time it does tell a story. You could also just decorate with different lace for a very vintage effect that will really compliment a sepia tone or black and white photographs.

A personalized wedding photo frame can really tell a story about the event. You could try gluing on fake wedding rings, or even miniatures of your wedding favors. You can find a lot of these items at craft stores and dollar stores. You could use this on a display table at your actual reception or just as a keepsake later on.