San Carlos de Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche is a small town in Patagonia known for it's beautiful landscape, it's winter sports and it's chocolate but what you may not know is that it is also the craft beer capital of Patagonia.  There are a large number of small breweries both in and around the town of Bariloche which offer a varied selection of craft beers.

In a country known for it's (admittedly delicious) wine production, it can be a refreshing change to mix it up if travelling around Argentina and sample the offerings of the local beer producers.  

Bariloche landscape

Top 3 Breweries

Cerveceria Manush

This bar is cosy and very popular so if you go there after 8 or so you may need to wait for a table.

Not just a spot to try a large selection of craft beers, the food here is delicious and reasonable as well especially for such a tourist spot.  They also do a tasting menu of their beers so you can try a range of them though I can definitely recommend the Manush Pale Ale.  Watch out for the strength of these though.  Like many craft beers, they're stronger than your average mass produced beer.

Konna Bar

Konna isn't the biggest of bars but with it's chilled atmosphere and resident canine friends (we had a visitor relaxing under our table all evening!), it's a very pleasant spot to chill out and enjoy their selection.  With only 3 in house beers, the selection is small but they were all delicious and the staff were extremely friendly.

There were also a large number of locals here as well which is always a good sign.  If you're here on any night when there is a match on, expect a passionate response from those watching!

Cerveceria Bachmann

Bachmann is less intimate than the above two bars and when it's not full, it can be a bit quiet. However the range of beers available here is great and the barman very helpful in helping you choose the option that suits your taste.

There are a number of other breweries/bars to check out in Bariloche and it's surroundings but one great thing about the 3 above is that they are all within walking distance of each other. Helpful if you end up trying a few different samples in quick succession!

All of the bars above also have a selection of other international beers in addition to their own but the quality of the local beers is definitely worth checking out and easier on the pockets as well. After a busy day on the slopes or white water rafting into Chile, it's a great way to while away an evening.  Enjoy!