There are so many different kinds of crafts and hobbies that you can make from your own home.Or of course you can join a club and learn the techniques on making a variety of crafts.







How often have you gone to garage sales and seen wonderful home made things.They may be tea towels with a crochet edge or crochet doilies.If you were to go to those designer shops and look at their prices you would probably have a fit.These days unless you are on a good income you simply cannot afford to buy them.







That's why if you were to learn the basics of how to make these crafts yourself you would be a mile in front and save money in the process.In fact if you make a good job with these crafts, you could make a little money on the side selling them to your friends or like many others sell them to gift shops on consignment or from your own garage sales.







Deciding which craft to learn







This will depend on your personal interests.Some people are more artistic and would love to paint pictures or maybe draw cartoon characters. Others may enjoy learning how to sew or crochet.I am going to list a few suggestions for you to think about and give you a few of the basics to get you started.







Sewing crafts – Embroidery, patchwork, quilting




Flower craft- Flower drying, flower pressing, sachets and potpourris




Others – Macramé, mobiles, mosaics,










I am going to show how you can make paper crafts in this article.Hope you enjoy trying to make one of these.







Paper- Mache







There are so many things that you can make from Paper Mache.You can use an assortment of items to use for a base.The simplest and most popular is with the use of a balloon. We will make a small piggy money box.







You will need







A balloon








1 cup flour








Egg carton for feet and nose




Masking tape




Black markers




Pipe cleaner











Blow up the balloon to the required size. Mix the cup of flour with 1 cup of water mix thoroughly then add 3to 4 cups of boiling water. Stir thoroughly and let it boil for a couple of minutes then leave to cool.Start tearing the newspaper into strips and soak a few in the paste. Now start applying these strips onto the balloon.Allow time for the glue to dry before adding too many strips. Leave it aside to dry for a day or two. When it is dry make a small opening to draw the balloon out.







Tear off the bottom parts of the egg carton, and use one for the nose and four for the feet and tape these into position. Paint it in whichever color you would like.Make a slit in the top to put the money in through.Also put a small hole in the rear and curl the pipe cleaner around and push in for his tail.The last thing you need to do is draw the eyes, nose and mouth on with the black marker.Now you can save your money, that wasn't too hard.














I have said this is a paper craft, but you can actually make it with anything at all from an assortment of different colored papers, photos, materials, shells, dried flowers, assortment of fabrics, and anything else you can think of.







We will make one with an assortment of photos as this is a paper craft.







You will need




A piece of three ply to use as mounting board (or you could actually put this onto and old table top)




A large assortment of photos















Arrange the photos all over the board or table top.Choose the way you want them to look. (Tip) If you are using as a picture frame on the wall then make sure photos can be seen clearly, when looking from a standing position.If you are putting them on a table then sort them so you can see them clearly from all angles.







You can cut them to fit in and around other faces or points of interest photos. Or for a different effect to could actually tear them, although I think cutting would look more professional.Once you are satisfied then glue them in position.







You can put this into a photo frame behind glass to protect it.And the same for the table place glass over the top.Or if you are more challenging and want something different then seal it with a coat of polyurethane sealer.Ask the experts for the instructions on this idea as you will need to know exactly what you are doing.


The Japenese are masters in the art of origami paper crafts if your have never tried to do this then give it a go and it is not an expensive hobby either.