Crafting in the CastleVille Video Game Kitchen Building

Crafting items in the  Zynga CastleVille video game on Facebook is a big part of the game.  In addition to the workshop you also have other buildings such as the kitchen that you can use to make specific game items. Some of these items are required to complete quests or just to fulfill other crafting recipes. For example if you want to grow your crops quickly you can make some fertilizer and speed up the growing process by thirty minutes. Some recipes such as a flour sack are required just for recipes they don’t improve the game. Collecting all the ingredients can be a challenge so make sure you have several kitchens operating in your game. To fully support the kitchen building you’ll need the other crafting structure such as a bakery, fishery, workshop, butcher, and mill.

Create pens for animals so you can collect things such as eggs from chickens and milk from animals. You’ll need to grow your animals to full size before you’ll be able to collect resources from them.  In the early game for example, you’ll need fully grown chickens to get chicken meat and fulfill an early quest. Your friends can stop by and help you raise your animals to adulthood by clicking on them when they are young. As you gain castle level you’ll unlock some areas of the game map that have a few free animals such as chickens or pigs already there. Check the game store for new animals in the game. 

Crafting Items

  • Animal Treats – Requires 30 Oats, 1 Flour Sack (makes animals ready to feed 30 minutes faster).
  • Bread Dough –  Requires 1 stick of butter,  2 eggs, 2 milk bottles (dough for crafting bread)
  • Bubble Grog – Requires5 water, five Ogre’s belch (Unwithers crops)
  • Cake – Requires Mill and Bakery crafting buildings
  • Carrot Cake – Requires mill and bakery
  • Chicken Pot Pie – Requires butcher
  • Chocolate Bar -  Requires 5 cocoa beans, 1 stick of butter, 4 milk (Gives 3 experience)
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries – Required bakery
  • Fertilizer – Requires 1 animal bone, 2 hard-boiled eggs,  1 alchemist powder ( Speeds up growth of crops by 30  minutes)
  • Flaxseed Oil -  Requires 2 flax (Used in other cooking recipes)
  • Flour Sack –Requires  4 wheat, 3 reputation points (Used in other cooking recipes)
  • Fried Fish – Requires  Fishery, Mill (provides 5 energy)
  • Grape Juice – requires  10 grapes,  5 water (Gives 3 energy)
  • Grindstone – Requires 5 stone, 5 reputation points (Used in grinding things)
  • Hard-Boiled Eggs – Requires 10 eggs, five water (Gives 3 energy)
  • Hot Buns – Requires Mill and Bakery
  • Hyper Craft – Requires 1 ruby,  10 Ogre’s belch, 3 hammers, 5 alchemist powder ( craft 30 mins faster)
  • Meat Sandwich – Requires  Butcher and Bakery
  • Pizza – Requires Bakery
  • Spicy Sausage – Requires Butcher
  • Stick of Butter – Requires 5 milk (Used in recipes)
  • Tomato Bisque Soup -  Requires 20 tomatoes, 10 milk,  3 sticks of butter (Gives 5 energy)

Zynga CastleVille update coming soon with new items.

Collecting Your Crafting Items

 To make all your Zynga CastleVille kitchen items be sure you have plenty of crops as well.  Try to spread out  all your crops growing to several different crop types and don't concentrate on one or two crops. The more crops you have the easier it will be to complete all your recipes. if you have more than you can use, go to the game inventory and sell the crops you're not currently using in the game. Just keep in mind that some of these crops such as grapes for example, will show up later on in the game as quests so you'll need to have some on hand to fulfill the requirements of the game quest. Crafting for the most part in the game is very easy and you won't have  a problem with it with CastleVille on Facebook. 

Enjoy Crafting in CastleVille

The CastleVille video game by Zynga on Facebook has a lot of great items you can craft. It's all a matter of collecting the necessary items to make the crafting recipes.  Just make sure you have enough animals, and crops so you have enough materials for crafting in the game on Facebook.

CastleVille Kitchen Screenshots

CastleVille Kitchen(72615)CastleVille KitchenCcastleVille Flour Sack