Sea Shell Art

If you're like me, you have a ton of seashells sitting in your garage or basement from all over that are just waiting to be put to good use. There are dozens of ways to put these seashells to good use by making crafts. If you have a home at the seashore you can make fun projects for yourself or gifts for your friends and family. It is fun and rewarding when you discover this type of art.

You can actually make candles with the use of sea shells. Some make great containers for a candle. These are great as gifts for Christmas. Clean the shell up first and then melt your wax, adding color and a nice scent. Pour it into the shell. You can even glue another one of the same size to the bottom to prop it up.

You can make a fantastic wreath from many types of wreaths. If you are using a straw wreath you will need to use something to cover the straw first. You can use craft moss by gluing it to the front of the wreath. Then you could use any dried filler flowers to fill in the wreath by gluing each piece to the wreath until it's covered. After that is dry, position each shell so that the wreath looks symmetrical at all angles. If you use a grapevine wreath, there is no need to cover the wreath. You can just hot glue the shells on the wreath and finish off with a nice colorful ribbon. If you use a eucalyptus wreath you can use shells with various types of dried flowers.

Sea Shell art

Make a glass paperweight of a beach place that you visited.You can include sand, shells,a small starfish, and whatever else you can think of. This is a fun project and they make wonderful gifts as well as a nice vacation memory.

Sometimes we find shells that are so beautiful that they should be displayed. You could display those exotic ones in a shadow box and they would be preserved forever. You can purchase a shadow box at local craft stores. They usually have 6 -12 slots for each item. Choose the most beautiful and unique ones you have found. Glue them in the display position to the back of the shadow box and assemble the shadow box according to the directions. If the background needs finishing, you can glue material or paint the background before you glue the shells. You will have a great memory of that island trip to the Bahamas or Bermuda!

Seashell art can be anything that you can think of to display or use shells that create something beautiful to look at. It creates a wonderful memory that will last forever.