Creating your Own Gifts

Christmas is not far away although; you still have time to make that special gift for a friend or family member, if you feel creative.  If you are looking for a unique gift then, why not make one of these wonderful fragrance gifts. My daughter made this bear for her Nanna several years ago and it still looks great today.

These will keep your toilet or bathroom smelling beautiful, and the base is replaceable with a new or different fragrance when required.

You can have fun choosing different ways of decorating and creating your particular one. This will need cutting or dismantling these toys to make your air freshener. Always use new toys if giving as a gift. Buy them when on special or at the end of season sales to save money.

Craft Gifts: Bear Fragrance giftCredit: TPhotos

Things you Need

Add your own creative ideas to this list

  • Soft animal toy or doll
  • Air Freshener with replaceable base
  • Small amount of material
  • Lace or similar decoration
  • Craft glue or glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Flowers, sequins, lace or other types of decorations
  • Needle and thread

When buying air fresheners, make sure they are all the same size. If different, the base will not fit inside the old top.

Craft Gifts: Different Size Air FreshenersCredit: TPhotos

Choose bright colored materials to suit the event or decor. If making for a friend, select colors matching their bathroom decor.

Brother Sewing Machine

Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine - 50 Built-In Stitches - Automatic Threading
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Ideal machine for the beginner, and craft enthusiasts. It has a great variety of stitches and automatic needle threader for those with poor eye sight.

How to Instructions

  • Cut head, arms and feet off the soft toy. Stitch each piece so stuffing stays intact.
  • Cut a piece of material about 16 cm x 60 cm or length required. This is adjustable. 
Craft Gifts: Material skirtCredit: TPhotos
  • Hem both long edges of material
  • Stitch a piece of lace across bottom hem as trim
  • Turn onto the wrong side and stitch both short sides together to form the back seam.
  • Tack around the top and gather up to fit around the edge of air freshener to form the neckline.

Craft Gifts: Gather the top to fit as necklineCredit: TPhotos

Dressing the Doll

Craft Gifts: Cut top of dollCredit: TPhotos

The picture shows how I have glued the top of doll frame on the plastic fragrance holder. 

Craft Gifts: Glue Gathered skirt onto Air FragranceCredit: TPhotos

Glue dress in place on fragrance holder, around the top edge (not on top). This should now look like a dress. Leave this to dry before continuing next step. Sit the head of the toy on top and glue in place.

Position the arms if using a soft toy. Either glue or sew in place on the material.

NOTE: I have used a doll to show different model for ideas. In the above picture, it shows the dolls arms still attached. If using a soft toy, the top of the dress will be snug underneath the head of the animal.

Glue or sew feet under the bottom of the skirt so they protrude. I did not use the dolls legs for this one.

You can either stitch or glue lace trimming around the neck, add jewelry, earrings, bow or add a hat. The decorations will depend on the effect you wish to create.

Hiding the Sewing Machine

Sauder Storage Sewing/Craft Cart
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These sewing tables are ideal as they look like another piece of furniture when not in use. At the same time they will hold all the bits and pieces

Sit Back and Admire your Work

When you have made one of these, you can make more to sell on eBay and earn extra money or even make other types of crafts for Christmas gifts.

Craft Gifts: Completed bathroom Air FragranceCredit: TPhotos

I love this dolls beautiful eyes. As you can see in the images, you can dismantle and decorate dolls in the same or similar way as the bear above. I used lace for shoulder straps and added lace trim around the top of the dress.

Whatever toys you create these fragrances with, you need to choose the best way to attach all parts and decorations to make them secure.

You can make these gifts to suit any occasion. Alternatively, create them, using ideas from your own imagination. Above all, have fun making these beautiful fragrances. There are lots of different ideas for using a variety of craft ideas to make other decorations for Christmas

How to Make Bath Bombs

How to Create a Bear Toilet Roll Cover

Create Similar to Doll Asamplebove

To create your own fancy toilet holder you need to use a piece of gathered material with lace trim the same as for making the doll.  The only difference is that it is not attached to the toilet roll.

1. Glue or stitch the bear head  on to the fabric where gathered.

2. Glue or stitch arms on the sides of fabric (so it looks as though arms protrude from material)

3. Glue or stitch legs underneath the skirt.

4. Place on top of toilet roll and then frill out the skirt.

That's it,  your toilet roll cover is finished.  Now sit on top of toilet system, so no one will miss finding where you hide a spare toilet roll.  Saves the embarrassment when no paper left on the roll and caught out.

Bear Toilet Roll CoverCredit: TPhotos

The picture above is a mock-up sample of the finished bear toilet roll cover.  I used a piece of material and tucked into roll sat head and arms on top and poked legs underneath. That's why not so fancy.  I did this to give you an idea of how it would look, without actually making one. I hope you will enjoy making the real fancy one properly.

We can all make beautiful  crafty crochet gifts for Christmas or with a combination of sewing and gluing  crafts like this one.