Creating Gifts

When people devote their time and effort into making hand-made items, I believe it shows they really care about that person. In other words, they spend time creating something special instead of rushing into the nearest store and picking up the first thing they see to fill in.

You would be amazed how many people find gift shopping a chore. I know that it is hard to find gifts to suit everyone, and some people who already have everything are even harder still to buy gifts for.

Crochet and Knit Crafts - Assorted Colored Frill ScarfsCredit: TPhotos

There are so many shades and assorted colours available, some have a Lurex type thread added to enhance them for evening wear.

Knitting Yarns

Flounce Yarn by Knitting Fever #20 Light Blue, Royal, Green
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(price as of Mar 16, 2016)
This type of yarn is very easy and quick to knit with once you get the hang of a different way of knitting. These make beautiful scarfs to wear for any occasion.

Size Variations

Different Pattern Yarns 

Crochet and knit Crafts -Assorted Colors and types of yarn for ScarfsCredit: TPhotos

 Different Size Mesh

Depending on the brand and where you buy your mesh the sizes of mesh will vary so when you make the scarfs you should vary the way you knit the mesh.

The pictures below will explain this better

Crochet and knit Crafts- Large Hole yarnCredit: TPhotosCrochet and Knit Crafts - Small to Medium YarnCredit: TPhotos

Large above smaller below

Patons Pirouette Yarn (83430) Orchid Shimmer
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This yarn has the lovely shimmer and a bubble edging to enhance the look of your scarf.

Things you will Need

 Before you start you need

  • 1 pair Knitting Needles (Between 5mm-6mm) depending on size of holes and your preference
  • 1 ball Mesh (type of your choice)
  • Scissors, Tape Measure, Sewing yarn and Needle

These types of fabric are not knitted like normal wool knitting. Instead, you use the loops or the yarn mesh to knit with.

Instructions for Casting On

This in my opinion will depend on the size of spaces in the thread. I cast on 4 Stitches for the small to medium and 6 stitches for the larger mesh. For this pattern, I will cast on 4 stitches for the smaller one.

Crochet and knit Crafts - Insert Needles in these spacesCredit: TPhotos

Hold the fabric in your left hand and open the mesh up. Start about 2 or 3 cm from the end and insert the needle from the back to front through the first loop, missing the half eyelet, until you have 4 stitches on the needle, turn the needle around.

First row: Insert the other needle into the first stitch like normal knitting. Hold yarn flat in your right hand and take the yarn behind the needle and insert through the second loop. (As in diagram) Continue in the same way to create other stitches.

Repeat first row until you reach the required length. The length will depend on your choice approx. 150cm shorter if making the scarf for young children.

Casting off Stitches

Leave about 30cm, knit two stitches as before take the first stitch over the second. Knit another and continue casting off to end. Thread the remaining full width through the last stitch. Secure with needle and thread by sewing this edge together so it will not fray.

Knitting Needle Tip- Because you have a few stitches, I took the knobs off the end of my needles and cut them down to measure 17cm. Then I replaced the knob ends if they are tight just push them on, if not glue them and leave to dry. I found it made it quicker to knit as the longer needles kept hitting on my arms.

Tips on Knots and Joins 

Before you start, check your skein or balls of wool. I have found so many breaks and joins in these recently. It will pay you to undo and rewind your wool to see if there are joins. If so then start at the longest end.  In many cases, I do not use the whole lot so this prevents me having joins in the scarves.

Different types of Yarn
• Plain
• Bubble
• Nelly Bobble Fishnet (although have not worked out what to do with this one yet)

I hope this will give you another idea on creating a gift for your loved one this Christmas.

Nashua HandKnits Knitting Pattern Leaflet Shawls & Scarves
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This leaflet offers you other ideas for knitting scarfs for you to try knitting and enhance your wardrobe or even give away to friends for gifts.