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Paper bags don’t just have to be for lunch. You can use them for many kids crafts. Here are 5 great crafts that you can make with your kids on a rainy day.

Party Favors: Fill paper bags with party favors for your child’s birthday. What you will need:
-Paper Bags
Fill the bags with your party favors. Roll the top of the bag down and staple it. Decorate with stickers that match the theme of the party. Write each child’s name on the bags. You can also make these for baby showers. Fill the bag with party treats. Use craft scissors and cut the top of the bags to give it a creative look. Write “It’s a boy” or It’s a girl” across the top of the bag. Decorate with blue or pink “bootie”, teddy bear, and/or bottle stickers.

Puppets: Using construction paper and paper bags, you can make animal puppets that your kids will love putting on a show with. What you will need:
-Paper Bags
-Construction Paper
-Elmer’s glue
To make a dog: Cut out a circle out of brown construction paper. Glue it to the flap of the bag. Cut two floppy ears out of brown construction paper and glue them to the circle. Draw a face on the circle and you have a dog puppet.
To make a pig: Use a white paper bag. Paint the bag pink. Cut two triangles out of pink construction paper and glue them to the top of the bag. Cut a pink oval out construction paper and draw two circles for the nostrils. Glue the nose to the middle of the face and add eyes and a mouth.

Halloween Treats: Make Halloween surprises for your kids or to hand out to trick or treaters. What you will need:
-Paper Bags
-Black Marker
-Green Ribbon
Using a white paper bag, start by painting the bags orange. Let it dry and with the opening facing up draw a jack-o-lantern face on the bag. Open the bag up and fill it with candy. About four inches down, twist the bag closed and tie the ribbon around it.

Jelly Bean Basket: Create this little treats for Easter time. What you will need:
-Paper Bags
-Black and Pink Marker
Lay the bag flat on a table with the flap on the table and the opening pointing up. Draw a big letter “U” on the top of the bag. With the bag still closed, cut out the letter “U”. Draw a face and whiskers for the bunny’s face. Color the ears pink. Open up the bag and fill it with green grass and jelly beans.

Rudolph Puppet: Your kids will really get into the Christmas spirit by creating this Christmas themed puppet. What you will need:
-Brown paper bags
-Brown Construction Paper
-Red Construction Paper
-Googly eyes
-Black Marker
Start by drawing your child’s hands on the brown construction paper. Lay the bag so the bottom of the bag is at the top and the flap is facing you. Cut the hands out and glue them to the bottom of the bag on the back side so the flap isn’t covered. Add the googly eyes to the top of the flap. Cut a big red circle out of the red construction paper and glue it on as Rudolph’s nose. Using the black marker and draw a face. You now have a Christmastime Puppet for your kids to display.